Animal Fact File: Grey Partridge

Grey partridge on the ground

Name: Grey Partridge Scientific Name: Perdix perdix Description: A gamebird in the pheasant family, the grey partridge is a medium, rotund bird that has a distinctive orange face. Also known as an English partridge, they are strictly ground birds and very unlikely to be found in pear trees.

55 Incredible Things to Do in the Countryside

A woodland scene for adventures in country clothing

The countryside is a fantastic asset to us all and we often forget to make the most of what’s right on our doorstep. With the winter months ready to fade away, the new beginnings of spring offer the perfect chance to make a change and get back to the great outdoors. The new season brings Continue Reading →

How to Keep Your Gundog Fit in The Off-season

A couple of gundogs in training looking for their training accessories

The shooting season is over but, in addition to your own skills being kept sharp with clay shooting, your gun dog needs to be kept in shape. As there is no work in the off-season, it’s all too easy for your dog to get out of shape and as much as they won’t necessarily forget Continue Reading →

Don’t Miss the British Shooting Show 2018

Shotguns for sale at the British Shooting Show

For enthusiasts of shooting, the annual British Shooting Show is a must-attend event. This year, on the event’s tenth anniversary, it is being held from Friday, February 16th to Sunday, February 18th at the NEC Birmingham. If you are visiting, please stop by our stall which will be located in the main hall, at Zone Continue Reading →

Join in with the Big Farmland Bird Count 2018

A chaffinch spotted in the countryside UK

Taking place from the 9th to the 18th February this year, the Big Farmland Bird Count is back for its annual event. Working to monitor the activity of birds in the UK (and further afield), the Big Farmland Count is an important activity in the agricultural calendar which needs as many people to take part Continue Reading →

A Beginners’ Guide to Clay Pigeon Shooting

Cartridges and clay pigeon shells

Beginners to shooting may want to try clay pigeon shooting before going out to the field with game, and it is also a great sport to do in the off-season that keeps your technique in shape. Seasoned shooters can also find clay pigeon shooting enjoyable and are sure to learn something new. We have put Continue Reading →

Animal Fact File: Pheasant

A pheasant from this shooting season

  Name: Pheasant Scientific Name: Phasainus colchicus Description: A popular game bird in the shooting world, pheasants today are largely bred for the purposes of country sports. They are medium-sized birds, which can be found in the UK, across Europe and in Asia. These birds are known for easily being able to adapt to their environment. Continue Reading →

Insurance for Gundogs – Is It Worth It?

Working gundog that has insurance

Insurance for dogs is relatively new, and it has almost become compulsory. This is due to increasing costs of veterinary care, but also owners who feel the responsibility for caring for their working dog. We have taken a look at whether insuring your gundog is really worth it.

Guide to Preparing Game Meat for the Freezer

A man heading back in his country shirt with game birds

With the end of the shooting season just around the corner, many of you may find yourself left with an abundance of birds that you really don’t want to let go to waste. Having spent the last few months venturing out into nature in your finest country shirts, shooting jackets and hunting boots, it’s only Continue Reading →

Colourful Socks: The Country Gentleman’s Trend of 2018

A selection of men in suits with colourful shooting socks

The beginning of 2018 saw a new trend for gentleman coming to the forefront of fashion: brightly coloured socks. Country Life magazine were the first to note that coloured socks have been slowly creeping their way into men’s fashion commenting that ‘socks are the new ties’ and are a statement of style, personality and power.