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The Six UK Deer Species Part 5 b Sika

Sika Stag

History & Origins Sika were first introduced into Britain in 1860, from Japan. The name “Sika” comes from the Japanese word “Shika” which means “deer”. As with Red deer, male Sika are called Stags and female Sika “Hinds”. Identification Sika are generally slightly larger and heavier set than Fallow Deer, about 70-80kg, however it is Continue Reading →

Compulsory Microchips for dogs by 2016… but do they cause cancer?


Under new plans intended to cut the rising number of strays, every dog owner in England will have to microchip their dog by 2016. The microchips are only slightly larger than a grain of rice and are inserted into the scruff of the dogbs neck – puppies and young dogs don’t seem to even notice Continue Reading →

Gun-Puppy to Gundog b Part 7

Bruce the Gundog Kennel

I’ve always thought that the best place for a working dog is outside. However, many people disagree and I think this is because of the way they’ve seen people treating dogs, or their own dogsb reaction to being outside. Bruce is now 20kg of energetic puppy and it’s time for me to introduce him to Continue Reading →

Badger Cull to commence in June 2013… right or wrong?


Every year, over 25,000 cattle are taken to slaughter to be disposed of as a result of Bovine Tuberculosis (TB). Previous Bovine TB control methods have cost the UK Taxpayer B#500 Million per year, which is estimated to rise to over B#1 Billion per year if nothing changes. There has been a huge outcry and Continue Reading →

Ramblers' rights?… or rights of the rabble?!

Were I an estate owner I have to admit that I would probably be inclined to install a crocodile filled moat, electric fencing, and employ ex-SAS mercenaries to patrol my borders 24-7… However as I am not, I am grateful that I am allowed by law to access others land by way of public footpath’s Continue Reading →

The Six UK Deer Species Part 4 b Fallow

Deer - Fallow Buck

History & Origins Fallow deer originated in Europe and are not what I’d regard as a truly native deer, though they have been here a long time as the Norman’s introduced them in the 11th century. It is thought that the Roman’s also attempted to introduce Fallow as far back as the 1st Century AD… Continue Reading →

The British Shooting & Countryman Show 2013

The British Shooting Show 2013

The first day of the Shooting Show 2013 was bedlam – parking in muddy fields, 3 hour queues, poor directions, and hardly any exhibitors… which is why I’m glad I went on Sunday; which was awesome!B Entrance & Parking… For some reason there weren’t many signs to the show, and even when I got to Continue Reading →

The Six UK Deer Species Part 3 b Muntjac


In case you hadn’t guessed by the look of it, the Muntjac is not a deer species that is native to the UK – they are a Chinese species that were introduced in the lower midlands in the early 20th century, and have subsequently become widespread in the South and Midlands, as well as Wales. Continue Reading →

How to mount a rifle scope

Picture of the Zeiss 3-12x50 Illuminated Reticle Rifle Scope

I used to work at a gun shop, and saw everything from scopes on backwards to scopes held on with selotape! I’ve just purchased a Schmidt & Bender 6×42 scope for my deer stalking rifle (a Sako 85 in .243 calibre), so I thought I’d show you how I do it. The mounts are different Continue Reading →

The Six UK Deer Species Part 2 b Red

Red Stag

The Red deer, like the Roe deer, is another species that I consider truly native as it has been present in the UK for over 11,000 years (when it migrated from Europe). They can be found throughout Scotland, Northern England the Lake District, East Anglia, and Sussex (the New Forest). Red deer are the largest Continue Reading →