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British Butterflies

Red Admiral

Not to be confused with Day-Flying Moths of which there are over 2,500 species, there are a total of 59 species of butterfly that breed in Britain. Butterflies are used by environmentalist to measure the health of a habitat – lots of different species of butterflies means healthy biodiversity, as they all have very specific Continue Reading →

Are Boar a bore?

Wild Boar

100kg, razor sharp tusks, nocturnal, 1m high covered with bristly hair… it sounds like something out of a horror movie, but in reality Wild Boar were once a native species that formed a key part in the evolution and sustainability of our ancient woodland. Having been hunted to extinction since in the 13th century, thanks Continue Reading →

UK Snake Species – The Adder


Whilst out shooting last year I very nearly trod on a large adder (about 2ft)… a rather stereotypical west-country friend of mine promptly jumped into the shallow ditch to take a look – I warned him I “wasn’t in the mood for A&E tonight”, to which he replied “Na don’t be silly they’re not much Continue Reading →

4×4's… what are your recommendations?

Car in Ditch

I’ve been lucky enough to have had the use of friends 4×4’s and Quad Bikes in the past, but with my friends commitments growing (babies etc) it’s not always possible to arrange the group shooting evenings and mornings we used to… so I came to the conclusion I was going to have to find my Continue Reading →

Gun-Puppy to Gundog b Part 8

This will be the final part of the series, as though Bruce is still a puppy he’s a bit too big to be calling him one – he’s also out and about working on a regular basis, so I’ll be putting up the odd post showing his progress. At 18 months I will have a Continue Reading →

Fencing, barbed wire, and deer…

Fallow caught in wire

Areas of forest are fenced for a variety of reasons, though it is usually either to keep deer or cattle in or out of an area. I have in the past found evidence of deer being maimed by barbed wire stock fencing – scrotums being left attached to the wire as the deer try to Continue Reading →

"They may take our wives; but they'll never take our FREEDOM!"… or will they?

Airgun Shooter

Reference to the statement by William Wallace in the film Braveheart may be a tad over the top, but nevertheless it does strike me as strange that a country so renowned for its liberal views, shooting, and outdoor sports is proposing licensing low-powered air rifles… Under the proposed legislation over half a million air rifles Continue Reading →