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Syndicate Shenanigans

Pheasant shooting syndicate

I had just got home for lunch when there was a knock at my door… there stood before me was The Squire in all his splendor having just returned from another month in the Bahamas. bBob,b he said bI have been thinking.b A thought which immediately sent shivers down my spine. bWe need to have Continue Reading →



The joys of canine puberty… We’re all familiar with teenager’s silly haircuts, well now I know how my friends feel when they introduce their silly-looking teenager (and once we’re alone shrug and say “kids today”). On the upside at least he’s not wearing skinny jeans or see-through leggings with jean shorts half way up his Continue Reading →

Behind The Scenes Video


Here’s a little behind the scene video about ourselves and the CLA game fair. Always helps to put a face to a name we think. Click on this post to see the video after the break! ENJOY