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Bruce's Progress


In 9 months Bruce has turned from a 5kg fluff ball to a 30kg lump of bouncy adolescent dog, and is looking as though he’ll weigh a good 40kg by the time he’s finished growing (which is at around 18 months for most dogs). So how is he doing?… Well so far I’m very pleased Continue Reading →

Digweed does it again!


This weekend in Italy George Digweed secured his 18th European championship! Digweed is a Brit we can all be proud of – as well as being 20 times world champion he also holds a world record for the longest ever clay shot at an incredible 130 yards!

Eastern Shooting in Sussex

Taj Mahal

Last year on one of my shoots we experience something I have never seen before nor heard of to be fair. It was on one of our syndicate shoots we organise and we had a few pegs left on this particular day. At the very last minute the pegs were bought by very successful Businessman Continue Reading →

New Summer Catalogue Photo Shoot!

Bruce Luxury Beds2

I arrived at the office today to find a hive of activity; it was the day of the photo shoot for our new Spring & Summer product brochure, and luckily I was there to give a helpful commentary! Rob from the warehouse was demonstrating reflector wrestling!… “It’s never going back in that bag Rob!” There Continue Reading →

Save Britains Bee's!


Bee’s are responsible for pollinating 75% of the worlds food crop, in fact they are so important to our ecosystem that Einstein predicted we would all die within 4 years if bee’s didn’t exist! A big problem… Alarmingly we have lost a third of our Bee’s since 2007, due to issues such as: Habitat loss Continue Reading →

Don't forget Dad this Fathers Day!

Fathers day gift penknife

  It’s the count down to Fathers day, so time to pick something up for the old fella if you haven’t already! B Fur Feather and Fin have a range of gifts that dad will loveB whether hebs a shooting dad, a sailing dad or simply loves a good bit of cheese dad. For those Continue Reading →