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Top Scottish chefs campaigning for more grouse on the menu

A grouse in flight in the Scottish Highlands – Fur Feather & Fin

Some of Scotland’s top chefs are working with estate workers to spearhead a campaign to put grouse on menus across the country. Michelin-starred chefs Tom Kitchin and Brian Grigor are collaborating with moorland management groups in an attempt to get more Scottish people to eat the game bird, which is said to offer many health Continue Reading →

New smartphone app identifies British bird songs

A blue tit, one of the birds identified by the Warblr app – Fur Feather & Fin

A new app which was launched recently can identify the songs of 220 British birds, helping you identify the different chirps heard in the countryside. Warblr was developed by two scientists, Florence Wilkinson and Dan Stowell, who used a grant from the Queen Mary University of London’s Innovation Fund. It works in a similar way Continue Reading →

Could treeconomics save our cities?

Could treeconomics save our cities? – Fur Feather & Fin

The new tree mapping system i-Tree will help us show the economic value of our ecosystems, leading to increased awareness, support and funding. Treeconomics is the social science that looks into the contribution trees pay to the environment and human wellbeing, not only looking at the economic value but also the cultural and health benefits. Continue Reading →

Will you spot an otter this week?

The next few weeks could be prime otter spotting time – Fur Feather & Fin

Keen otter spotters say that the next few weeks could be the prime time to see an otter in their local rivers and waterways, some reporting a 70% success rate in their outings to see the rare animals. Otters have been on the brink of extinction in Britain since the 1980, due to several issues Continue Reading →

Why the long face?

Horse’s facial expression study may reveal more about their emotions

A study conducted between the University of Sussex, University of Portsmouth and Duquesne University in Pennsylvania has opened our eyes to the facial expressions of horses and how they express their emotions in a similar way to humans. It showed that horses actually have 17 different facial expressions, which indicate different moods and intentions. This Continue Reading →

Pots of fresh air from the British countryside now for sale on eBay!

Enjoy the Shropshire fresh air with Fur Feather & Fin range of country clothing

It is now possible to buy a pot of “fresh air”, direct from the British countryside, thanks to a novelty gift shop on eBay! Fun Favours are selling the pots, which contain air lovingly harvested from the Shropshire countryside, for £1 apiece. This now means that city-goers many miles away from rolling green fields can Continue Reading →

How can the kids bring back British bees?

Bee collecting pollen from a flower – Fur Feather and Fin

There has been a global decline in the bee world, alongside a decline in both butterflies and moths. Bees play a large part in the eco-system; with a third of our food production depending on pollination, their decline is having an increasingly noticeable effect on the environment. Just 10 years ago, there were around one Continue Reading →

New study reveals interesting information learnt from animal’s eye shape

Fox eyes with vertically elongated pupils - Fur Feather & Fin

They say it’s all in the eyes and they are right! A recent study conducted by the University of California Berkeley and Durham reveals how much you can learn from an animal’s eye shape. The study talks in depth about how it is possible to tell whether the animal is a predator or prey. The Continue Reading →

Hen harrier breeding season set to be most successful in five years

Hen Harrier in full flight – Fur Feather & Fin

The hen harrier still remains one of the most endangered breeding birds in Yorkshire, but things seem to be looking up slightly for 2015, according to a report from Natural England. The most recent breeding season has brought six successful harrier nests, fledging a combined 18 new chicks. These nests are located across the north Continue Reading →

Woodland Trust warns work to be done to save the trees

Woodland Trust logo, aiming to protect the UK’s forests – Fur Feather & Fin

Studies by the Woodland Trust have shown that the loss in ash trees through Chalara disease could be fatal for the wildlife and surrounding landscapes. Trees are a major part of the eco system, providing habitats for small mammals, birds and insects, as well as providing fresh air for us to breathe. Ash trees also Continue Reading →