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Four idyllic countryside villages in Great Britain

Outdoor country clothing for Tobermory village

Great Britain is an ancient kingdom boasting a mythical and medieval history and idyllic pastoral landscapes. Here we are lucky enough to be surrounded by some of the most picturesque countryside locations in the world. We have picked one exemplary rural paradise from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, so here is a guide to Continue Reading →

Chickens are evolving 15 TIMES faster than previously thought!

Chickens evolving fast on fur feather and fin, outdoor country clothing.

Scientist at Oxford and York university have made an Evolutionary discovery! A study on the genomes of chickens has found that our feathery friends are evolving a startling 15 times faster than we had previously thought possible.

Jack Russell Terrier to be given pedigree status

Winter dog coats for Jack Russell

As of January 1 2016 the Kennel Club (KC) will officially recognise the feisty and high energy Jack Russell Terrier as pedigree, making it the 27th member of the terrier group.

8 great outdoor activity ideas for kids this winter

Things to do with children in winter for Fur Feather and Fin

When it’s nearing the end of the year the weekends, half-terms and the Christmas holidays can become somewhat of a challenge for parents, especially those who enjoy spending time outside as a family. However wintertime in Britain can be just as beautiful as the summertime. To prove that there is no need to stay inside, Continue Reading →

How many animals are preparing for hibernation this month? Less than you might think!

The British countryside has a rich abundance of furry critters that are currently preparing for the approaching winter weather, from squirrels to badgers, and deer to voles. These mammals are gearing up for the coming months by growing thicker coats and building up their fat stores. But believe it or not there are only three Continue Reading →

Keeping Your Gundog Warm and Healthy in The Winter

Keeping dogs warm in the winter with small dog coats

It’s not just humans who are more susceptible to colds and illnesses in the winter — our canine friends also need a little extra care around this time of year, so here are some guidelines to bear in mind when caring for your dog in the colder months.

National Trust to create natural children’s play area from fallen oak trees.

Country clothing in national trust play area

The National Trust are hoping to create a unique children’s play area in Tiverton, using the remains of four mature oak trees which were blown down during strong winds in February 2014.

Animals do the funniest things!

A colour picture of a Giraffe making a funny gesture with his mouth

We recently posted about the first ever Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, which asked for hysterical photographs of animals, to be judged by renowned wildlife photographer Paul Joynson-Hicks. For the UK born photographer, a competition that showed the quirky side of animals is important to him, as he believes such pictures could really help encourage conservation Continue Reading →

Conkers anyone?

A selection of conkers from a horse chestnut tree.

Playgrounds all over the country will be filled with excitable children as October brings the ever-popular game of Conkers. This Autumnal favourite has been played by generations of children, and adults may we say, and is great fun. Here’s how you can take part: Find Your Conker A conker is the seed from a horse Continue Reading →

Celebrate Autumn with this delicious Pumpkin Pie

A colour picture of 7 orange pumpkins

Pumpkins are most commonly found carved into gruesome shapes as a Halloween decoration. However, the tasty fruit is actually delicious, especially when baked in a pie. With our fabulous range of essential oven and aga products, there is no excuse to not get baking and try our brilliant recipe: You will need: 90g/3½oz butter, softened 65g/2½oz caster Continue Reading →