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Woodland planting figures at their lowest in a generation

Trees planted in UK woodlands and forests

In figures recently released by the Forestry Commission, it has been revealed that only 700 hectares of woodland were planted in England this year; the lowest level of woodland creation and tree planting in a generation.

How railways and wildlife can co-exist side by side

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Though the average commuter is not concerned with protecting the wildlife that may be living close by, railway companies have in fact been taking steps to preserve the habitats that they have been laying railway tracks through.

RSPB survey reveals interesting statistics on the UK’s garden animals

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Data collected from the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch wildlife survey has revealed some interesting statistics about many of the country’s favourite garden mammals and reptiles.

Make the ultimate summer beverage with our elderflower cordial recipe

Pack some homemade elderflower cordial into your picnic hampers, cool bags or picnic baskets

One of the true indicators of the beginning of summer is the emergence of elderflowers, creamy-white flowers with a distinctively sweet scent, which can be seen cropping out of hedgerows, woodlands and scrubland all over the UK.

GWCT update their position on lead ammunition

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The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT), a leading UK authority on shooting and conservation, has released a new and updated position statement addressing the issue of lead ammunition.

England’s darkest skies located in Northumberland

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A new light pollution study has revealed the best place to see the stars at night: Northumberland’s East Kielder Moors.

Watch Out for Signs of the Fatal Dog Disease Alabama Rot


Vets and experts are encouraging dog owners to look out for the signs of Alabama Rot, a fatal disease affecting dogs which is currently spreading across the country.

Quiz: How well do you know your UK garden birds?

Chaffinch in a UK garden near a hanging bird table

The UK is home to a diverse variety of birds, with many of these visiting our homes and gardens upon their journeys. But how well do you pay attention to the winged friends that pay us a visit? Take the quiz below to see how well you can identify the UK’s most common garden birds. Continue Reading →

A brief history of clay targets and clay pigeon shooting

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Today, clay pigeon shooting is a widely-enjoyed sport, being relatively inexpensive and able to enjoy in open spaces across much of the UK. However, did you know it is actually little more than a century old? Here’s the history of how clay targets, and therefore the sport of clay pigeon shooting, came about.

New online database hopes to conserve the UK’s traditional orchards

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The conservation charity People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) has developed a new online database, bringing together knowledge on every orchard fruit variety currently being grown in the UK.