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A guide to shooting abroad and taking your gun out of the UK

Shooting holiday using our shooting accessories and gun cases

From hunting wild boar in Germany to shooting safaris in Africa and shooting driven dove in Argentina, there are now a variety of locations and shooting experiences on offer that you often just cannot find in the UK. Shooting trips abroad are therefore becoming more and more popular with UK shooters, though there are a Continue Reading →

Dogs enjoy praise more than food rewards according to study

Dog enjoying praise from its owner as well as dog leads and dog collars

Scientists at Emory University, Atlanta, have found the answer to an interesting question concerning the relationship between dogs and humans: do dogs have a purely food-based bond with humans, or is there really a deeper relationship between humans and dogs?

Shepherd wins tenancy of £1m farm for just £1 a year

The Great Orme, Llandudno, where a farmer has won a £1 tenancy on a £1m National Trust Farm

Thousands of people applied for the once-in-a-lifetime offer to live on a £1m farm for just £1 a year – a prospect offered up by the National Trust, but after stiff competition, the winner was decided.

Get Your Gun Ready For The Partridge Season

cartridge bag

Looking after your Gun with Fur Feather & Fin With the partridge shooting season kicking off next week, it’s time to get your kit ready for action again. While you should have cleaned and cared for your shotgun at the end of the last season, special care should still be taken to ensure your gun is Continue Reading →

5 Delicious Treats to Make For Your Dog this Summer

Dog playing with a frozen Kong toy stuffed with treats

While we may find summer to be the hottest time of the year, it’s even hotter for our four-legged friends, who have to face the summer heat while still wearing their furry coats. Fortunately, there’s a great way to cool them down in the form of some frozen summer treats. Not only will these taste Continue Reading →

Study discovers bird species which sleeps during flight

A study by German ornithologists has found that a species of bird, the great frigatebird, in fact sleeps during flight.

Glorious Twelfth marks start of grouse shooting season

Go grouse shooting while wearing our mens shooting jackets and womens shooting jackets

The grouse shooting season is now underway after the Glorious Twelfth (August 12), the first day of the season, was once again one of the most popular days for shoots in the UK.

First ever contemporary art exhibition for dogs opens in London

Art exhibition for dogs filled with dog toys is coming to London

Rather than your usual walk in the park, London now offers a rather unusual trip out for your dog: the world’s first ever contemporary art exhibition designed especially for our canine friends.

Glorious Twelfth – Grouse Recipe

Grouse Pie

We hope you had a very happy Glorious Twelfth, everyone! It’s time to reap what you sow and we hope you’ve had huge success on Friday. After a day on the shoot, treat yourself to a rich and comforting game pie, made with grouse. Read on to know how to make this game pie featuring Continue Reading →

Six great reasons why cheese is good for you

Make some cheese served on a cheese board with our Ultimate Cheese Making Kit

An important product for dairy farmers as well as an often essential item for our shopping basket, cheese is a much celebrated item of produce in the UK, available in several great varieties. More than a quarter of the milk produced in the UK is processed into cheese, showing just how much of this household Continue Reading →