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The spookiest woods and forests to explore this Halloween

Head out to the spooky woods and forests this Halloween in our kids country clothing

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s the time of year to start embracing all things spooky and get together for all sorts of fun family activities. One of the best places to have some Halloween fun is in the UK’s many woodlands and forests, which already have the perfect atmosphere. With their hidden dark Continue Reading →

BASC’s simulator introduces more than 4000 people to shooting

Man with shotgun and shooting accessories who has been introduced to shooting with the BASC simulator

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation have been taking their state-of-the-art simulator around the UK to more than 30 events so far in 2016, with the result being that more than 4000 people have been able to try the sport of shooting for the first time.

Conservation efforts need boosting to help grey partridges last the winter season

grey partridges running away from a shooting party

Although many have reported positive prospects for this partridge season, The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) are showing concern in the current numbers of partridge chicks and their capabilities to survive this winter.

Open your eyes to the latest expert advice on shooting technique

shooting season in the field with men equipped with their leather gunslips

For many, many years, we have been taught and trained to believe that shooting with only one eye open is the best way to hit the target. Usually the dominant eye is chosen to give you the most accurate view, or so we have been told, but the experts are now advising that we need Continue Reading →

Have you honed in your shooting techniques for this season?

men on a pheasant shoot with dogs wearing shooting boots

There have been many comments from keepers noting that there have been a great number of birds coming through in the summer, meaning that it should be another great season. It has also been noted that the shoots this year are beginning later in the October month, the reason for this being that the birds Continue Reading →

8 Top tips for beginner female shooters

ladies shooting without a jacket in the woods

If recreational shooting is something that you think could be the sport for you, why not give it a go? It may be slightly daunting at first, however you will soon ease into the community spirit and find that the other members are more than welcoming and ready to offer a helping hand to help Continue Reading →

UK man sets new record for the heaviest pumpkin

pumpkin seeds in a jar ready to be planted

In the lead up to Halloween, pumpkins can be seen all over, whether they are carefully carved examples waiting to tempt trick or treater’s to the doorstep or baked into a deliciously sweet pie. However, you have probably not seen a pumpkin of this scale anywhere, as the record has just been broken for the Continue Reading →

Make the most of your October half-term with these outdoor activities

Prepare the kid’s for the Autumn woodland with suitable country clothing

The change of seasons from the warmer, dryer weather, to a colder and wetter Autumn can make it more challenging to find outdoor activities for kids to enjoy. However, we have a round-up of most of all the wonderful things available in the great outdoors over October half-term.

The perfect autumn apple and blackberry crumble

take off your technical coats and make an apple and blackberry crumble

Now that Autumn is upon us it is the time to start indulging in good old home comfort food, with slow-cooked stews and the firm family favourite, a warming apple and blackberry crumble. The perfect autumnal dessert, whether you are hosting a dinner party after a shoot with friends or cooking up a feast for Continue Reading →

Rare dormouse found in the UK for the first time ever

rare dormouse found in the UK with the use of binoculars

A never before seen black dormouse has been recorded in Britain for the first time in an Area of National Outstanding Beauty between Devon and Somerset and is a breakthrough for many nature organisations.