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Choosing the Best Gundog Breed for You

get dog accessories for your gundog

Looking for the best gundog breed? We are here to help you know the differences between the various breeds of gundogs, and which will be best suited to you. First of all, it depends on the work you want your gundog to do, and getting the right breed can make all the difference when out Continue Reading →

Fun Easter activities for your children

put on kids country clothing and do some Easter activities

Easter is just around the corner, and with spring in the air, blue skies and none of the stress which comes with the Christmas holidays, now is the perfect time for some family fun. With baby animals being born, blooming flowers, chocolate and longer days ready to be filled with a variety of activities, there’s Continue Reading →

Looking After Your Shooting Kit in The Offseason

Take care of shooting clothing and accessories in the offseason

With the shooting season over, this time of year is perfect for checking over your kit, making sure any repairs are made to clothes and equipment, giving everything a good clean and replacing anything that needs to be. It is important to keep your shooting kit in good condition when you are not using it, Continue Reading →

Magpie fact file

wear country clothing when out spotting magpies

We all know the magpie, with its black and white plumage, noisy calls and long tail, and there is nothing else like it in the UK. When seen up close, the recognisable black and white feathers take a more colourful hue with a purple-midnight blue sheen on the wings and green gloss to the tail. Continue Reading →

Plan a fun family spring and summer with our bucket list ideas

children in country clothing

With spring on our doorstep, and summer following close behind, you’re probably already planning what to do with your family while making the most of the sunny weather. In addition to the family holiday planned for the coming weeks, why not try a few extra special activities you can enjoy together and do something different?

Wonderful spring walks around England and Wales

Take a spring walk in Fur Feather & Fin country clothing

Winter is drawing to an end, making this time of year perfect for getting your country clothing and walking boots on, and heading out to enjoy the natural beauty of spring. You can see vibrant colours flowering across the landscape, baby animals in the fields and listen to birds singing in the bushes and trees.

Hosting the perfect spring garden party

decorate your garden for a spring garden party

Spring is right around the corner and on a day of blue skies and sunshine, there is no better way to spend your time than inviting over family and friends for an intimate and fun garden party, full of delicious food, drink and laughter. It can be a great way to start your spring and Continue Reading →

Keeping Your Gundogs Healthy in the Offseason

keep your gundog healthy with dog essentials

In addition to keeping your own skills and techniques up to scratch during the offseason, you also need to keep your gundog in shape, and this includes their health. Man’s most loyal companion deserves and needs lots of attention, especially if they are working dogs.

The perfect Mother’s Day gift ideas for 2017

feather pin available at Fur Feather & Fin

As Mother’s Day approaches on 26th March, it’s time to take a little look at some meaningful gift ideas to buy for the special woman in your life. If you are a little stuck for ideas, fear not, as we are here to help with 10 of our favourite gift ideas available at Fur Feather Continue Reading →

A beginners guide to birdwatching in the UK

bird 1 kite

Birds are found all across the UK, and you don’t even need binoculars or a telescope to watch for many of them. We recommend trying out birdwatching during the shooting offseason as it helps you learn the flight patterns of certain birds and the best terrain to find them in. It is also a very Continue Reading →