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Animal Fact File: Pheasant

A pheasant from this shooting season

  Name: Pheasant Scientific Name: Phasainus colchicus Description: A popular game bird in the shooting world, pheasants today are largely bred for the purposes of country sports. They are medium-sized birds, which can be found in the UK, across Europe and in Asia. These birds are known for easily being able to adapt to their environment. Continue Reading →

Insurance for Gundogs – Is It Worth It?

Working gundog that has insurance

Insurance for dogs is relatively new, and it has almost become compulsory. This is due to increasing costs of veterinary care, but also owners who feel the responsibility for caring for their working dog. We have taken a look at whether insuring your gundog is really worth it.

Guide to Preparing Game Meat for the Freezer

A man heading back in his country shirt with game birds

With the end of the shooting season just around the corner, many of you may find yourself left with an abundance of birds that you really don’t want to let go to waste. Having spent the last few months venturing out into nature in your finest country shirts, shooting jackets and hunting boots, it’s only Continue Reading →

Colourful Socks: The Country Gentleman’s Trend of 2018

A selection of men in suits with colourful shooting socks

The beginning of 2018 saw a new trend for gentleman coming to the forefront of fashion: brightly coloured socks. Country Life magazine were the first to note that coloured socks have been slowly creeping their way into men’s fashion commenting that ‘socks are the new ties’ and are a statement of style, personality and power.

Wildlife to Watch for in January and February

wrap up in country clothing when out seeing winter nature wildlife

January and February are at the core of winter, and though the days are crisp and bright, spring still feels a long way off. Early morning frosts turn grass sparkly and most plants and leaves have disappeared. But January and February are still great months to wrap up in country clothing and head outside to Continue Reading →

What do I Need to Know About Applying for a Firearms Licence?

firearms licence forms waiting to be filled out

To legally own a shotgun in the UK, you must have a valid shotgun licence, and for many other guns you’ll need a firearms licence. These can be obtained from your local council. However, you will need to fill out the paperwork fully and honestly and wait for a confirmation before going ahead and purchasing Continue Reading →

The Anatomy of a Shotgun

Shotgun hanging up

Get to know the different parts of a shotgun before using one in the field. Knowing the equipment you are using can have a huge benefit to you, allowing you to adjust your technique, hone your skills and can help with cleaning or figuring out what part of the shotgun may need fixing. Why not Continue Reading →

Facts About Gundogs

Cocker spaniel gundog

Gundogs are a category of dog breeds that have been developed over hundreds of years to assist hunters and shooters to find and retrieve game, usually birds. They are also often classified as working dogs and have a variety of skills which makes them highly valuable when out in the field. If you are new Continue Reading →

Spectacular Skies: Astrology Events to Watch in 2018

The phases of the moon

The New Year brings a whole host of events in the sky and in space. Whether you’re a keen stargazer or a complete beginner, these events will thrill all who watch. With so many different spectacles taking place in the sky throughout the year, it can be tricky to keep track of the key events Continue Reading →