6 Ways to Prepare for Autumn

Autumn is coming, and as the season starts to change, it’s time to get prepared. For the country lovers amongst us, we’re very excited to see what the next few months bring, with a fresh set of recipes, the shooting season in full swing and a plethora of exciting events coming up. To help you to prepare for the season ahead, we’ve compiled a list of six ways in which you can get ready for autumn:

A woman throwing a pile of leaves in the air whilst wearing country clothing

 1. Shooting Accessory Maintenance

As autumn and winter are the months where the shooting season is in full swing, the last few weeks of summer are the best time to get prepared. The grouse shooting season officially began on August 12th, but if you’ve not already been out to celebrate the beginning of the season, then now is the perfect time to prep your kit. Check the condition of not only your gun and cartridges, but also your cartridge bag, shooting clothing and gunslips. If any of them are in poor condition, then why not think about treating yourself and investing in some new shooting accessories?

2. Prepare Your Autumn Wardrobe

The change of weather from sunny spells to common showers of rain and wind means that you’ll have to adapt your wardrobe appropriately. A good country jacket is an essential, particularly if you enjoy country pursuits such as walking, shooting, bird watching or any other outdoor sports. From swapping out your summer shirts and socks for warmer winter options to kitting yourself out with a new pair of boots and some fine accessories, here at Fur Feather and Fin, we’ve got all you need to prep your wardrobe for the new season.

3. Home Checks

Before the bad weather really takes hold of the UK, it is best to carry out some routine maintenance checks to ensure that your home is ready for the winter. This should include checking over your boiler, heating, fireplaces and insulation, as the last thing you want is for one of these essential things to go wrong when you’re in desperate need of some warmth!

4. Autumn Gardening

Although autumn isn’t a time to start planting, there is still plenty to be done in the garden to make your life easier once the spring arrives. Be sure to turn all the soil, remove any weeds and give any plants that will survive the autumn and winter some shelter. Ensure that all of your gardening tools are all secured away from any damp weather and give the garden a general tidy. This should include mowing the lawn, trimming the borders and clearing out any compost bins to ensure that you’re ready to start afresh in a few months’ time. You might even enjoy creating a space to enjoy outside under cover. Build your own fire pit in the centre and be prepared with outdoor chairs and blankets, as you can enjoy the astronomical wonders and pleasure of the night all year round.

5. Switch Up Your Home Décor

As the autumn season arrives, we love to change up our home decoration to reflect the change in seasons. With autumnal tones already starting to arrive all around us, bring the cosy, country home element into your home and get ready for the months ahead. You can start your own DIY projects such as leaf garlands, dried flowers and pinecones wreaths which will add a magnificent homemade touch to your home and give you a fun activity to do on a rainy day!

6. Create a Collection of Autumn/Winter Recipes

As it is best to make the most of seasonal produce, the recipes you’ve enjoyed all summer-long may not be appropriate for the colder months. Warming stews, roast vegetables and of course game recipes are the perfect choice, particularly with the shooting season now underway! You may enjoy a traditional handwritten recipe book, or prefer a more modern approach such as creating a board on Pinterest. Whatever your preference, collate  a selection of ideas early on in the season and it will help you to be more experimental and to keep up some variety in your diet.

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