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Country Recipe: Barbequed Saddle of Venison

barbeque in the summer

Hot summer days lend themselves to digging out the barbeque or investing in a new one and firing it up to cook up some delicious food for your family and friends to enjoy. We love trying out game meats and giving them a summery twist to serve at barbeques and picnics in the summer, and Continue Reading →

Outdoor Activities for the School Holidays

Family canoeing on a river

Half term and school holidays provide loads of opportunity for getting outdoors with the whole family, and with some country clothing, good weather and enthusiasm, you can make every day of the holiday as exciting as the next!

Shooting Etiquette: A Beginners Guide

A man and a woman with their leather gunslips and cartridge bags

For those who are new to the sport of shooting, it is important to learn the etiquette of the sport to ensure that you keep yourself and those around you safe. It may seem as if there are thousands of rules in the shooting world, and rightly so, as guns can be incredibly dangerous when Continue Reading →

The Fur Feather & Fin Guide To What To Wear When Shooting

featured image of a man dressed in shooting clothing

For those who are new to the wonderful world of shooting, one of the first questions to cross your mind is often “what do I wear on a shoot?” The etiquette and style that comes along with this country sport offer up certain rules and suggestions in what to wear, to ensure that your clothing Continue Reading →

Animal Fact File: Ptarmigan

Male ptarmigan in Scotland

Name: Ptarmigan Scientific Name: Lagopus muta Description: The ptarmigan is a plump game bird that is camouflaged seasonally, with a short beak. It is found on the highlands of Scotland. Oher names for it are the rock ptarmigan.

How to Host a Royal Garden Party

A royal garden party with afternoon tea

With the anticipation of the next royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle growing ever stronger, we’ve turned our thoughts to how we’ll be celebrating the occasion! There are already a number of fantastic events happening all over the country, but we think it’s the perfect excuse to get your friends and family together Continue Reading →

Can Your Gundog be Your Family Pet?

Labrador Retriever gundogs as pets

Gundog breeds such as Labrador Retrievers and Spaniels are some of the most popular in the world and an excellent breed choice for a working dog. Good working gundogs need to be intelligent, energetic, easy to train and have a good temperament, and these are all factors that can make gundogs great family pets. So, Continue Reading →

Best Spring Walks in the UK

Woodland walk

Springtime in the UK is a lovely time for heading outdoors in country clothing and walking boots to explore the countryside. Wildflower rambles, strolls along the coast and hikes through the hills are just some of the ways you can celebrate spring, and we have put together some of the best spring walks you can Continue Reading →

The History of Tweed: Function and Fashion

Fashionable and functional tweed clothing from Fur Feather & Fin

Tweed is often considered the closest thing we have to British national dress; it is the cloth of royalty, deerstalking, fly-fishing, academics and fictional detectives. Following the path tweed has forged leads us to an interesting history entwined with class, gender and fashion from the 19th-century to the present day. Today we’re delving into the Continue Reading →

The Fur Feather & Fin Guide to Planning the Perfect Picnic

A selection if picnic accessories on a blanket

Spring has finally sprung and it has bought us a lovely but of sun! The beautiful weather this week has given us the perfect excuse to head out for a picnic to enjoy the great British countryside. That’s why today’s blog is dedicated to creating the perfect picnic! From tasty treats to essential accessories, we’ve Continue Reading →