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The Fur Feather & Fin Guide to Summer

Sunflowers in Britain

Britain has been sunning itself in the warm weather in recent weeks, and we are predicted a lot more sunshine over the summer months. This gives us plenty of opportunities to head outdoors, doing all sorts of activities and heading on any number of adventures! If you are feeling overwhelmed by what you can do, Continue Reading →

Outdoor Activities for the School Holidays

Family canoeing on a river

Half term and school holidays provide loads of opportunity for getting outdoors with the whole family, and with some country clothing, good weather and enthusiasm, you can make every day of the holiday as exciting as the next!

Animal Fact File: Ptarmigan

Male ptarmigan in Scotland

Name: Ptarmigan Scientific Name: Lagopus muta Description: The ptarmigan is a plump game bird that is camouflaged seasonally, with a short beak. It is found on the highlands of Scotland. Oher names for it are the rock ptarmigan.

Best Spring Walks in the UK

Woodland walk

Springtime in the UK is a lovely time for heading outdoors in country clothing and walking boots to explore the countryside. Wildflower rambles, strolls along the coast and hikes through the hills are just some of the ways you can celebrate spring, and we have put together some of the best spring walks you can Continue Reading →

Animal Fact File: European Hare

European hare in the UK

Name: European Hare Scientific Name: Lepus europaeus Description: The European hare, also known as a brown hare, is a fast running mammal. The hare has eyes high on the side of its hard, long ears and teeth that grow continuously. They can be distinguished from other hares and rabbits by the long legs and active Continue Reading →

The Best Country & Shooting Instagram Accounts


Instagram is a fantastic platform to inspire, engage and discover. Whether you’re seeking out home décor inspiration, the best countryside activities or some new shooting clothing, Instagram is the perfect place to fuel your search. So, today we thought we’d share with you some of our personal favourite accounts that relate to all things countryside Continue Reading →

The Role of Farmers and Shooters in the 25-Year Plan

shooting dog

Theresa May’s 25-year plan was launched in January 2018, hoping to create a “cleaner, greener Britain”, which I think that we can all agree has been a long time coming! There are numerous different initiatives within the plan, focusing on a number of problem areas including plastic waste, avoidable refuse and soil degradation. With targets Continue Reading →

Everything You Need to Know About Spring 2018

Daffodils blooming in spring

With the Beast from the East, Storm Emma and now a lot of rain, it feels like spring might never arrive on UK shores, but we have a feeling it is just around the corner, with blue skies, warmer weather and plants in bloom on their way too! In anticipation of spring, we have put Continue Reading →

Test Your Knowledge On Britain’s Birds of Prey

Peregrine falcon, one of Britain’s birds of prey

Britain’s birds of prey have an unparalleled hunting instinct, with their strong talons, hooked beak and eyesight being nearly eight times better than a humans. These features make them the lords of the sky when it comes to catching game, and they are interesting birds to learn about.

A New Twist on the Classic Scotch Egg

Pheasant and quail scotch egg

You can’t go wrong with scotch eggs, and they are perfect to snack when out shooting. Though the season has drawn to a close, game meat is still on the menu, and these pheasant and quail eggs are a delicious treat for the spring season when you’re out walking in the beautiful British countryside.