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Setter Gundogs: What You Need to Know

Setter gundogs training with dog accessories

Setters are a type of gundog used for hunting game birds such as pheasant and grouse. There are four setter breeds in the UK; English, Irish, Irish Red and White and Gordon. Setters search for game by scent and do so methodically. When they encounter prey, they freeze rather than chase, and it is their Continue Reading →

Labrador Retriever Gundogs: What You Need to Know

Labrador retriever is a popular gundog breed

The Labrador retriever needs little introduction, being the most popular pet dog in the UK, and also one of the favourite working gundogs in the country. Labrador retrievers are a popular choice for working dogs, being guide dogs for the blind, therapy dogs, helper dogs for deaf and disabled and drug sniffer dogs too. The Continue Reading →

Keep Your Dog Cool in the Summer Heat

Dog swimming and keeping cool in summer

The UK is expecting more hot, sunny days in July and August and that means we must look out for man’s best friend. Unlike humans, dogs can’t sweat through their skin, relying on panting and heat releasing from their nose and paw pads to keep cool. With all of this and their thick fur, it Continue Reading →

A Brief History of Gundogs

History to gundogs

Dogs have been used as a hunting companion, able to be trained to locate, chase and collect prey, for many years, and it has started an enduring relationship between man and dog. Today’s gundogs, hounds, terriers and other hunting gundog breeds are descended from these early canine friends.

German Shorthaired Pointer Gundogs: What You Need to Know

German Shorthaired Pointer gundogs

One of the most popular hunt, point and retrieve (HPR) gundog breeds, the German Shorthaired Pointer, is the perfect example of an all-rounder: excellent on point, a soft-mouthed retriever and thorough when searching for game. Their shape, size and coat make them a wonderful choice for a gundog, and they are also an excellent companion Continue Reading →

Spaniel Gundogs: What You Need to Know

spaniels, one of the most popular gundog breeds

Spaniel breeds are often considered to be the best as gundogs due to their excellent hunting and retrieving instincts. Lively dogs, they are perfect as working dogs, and though they do also make great pets, they can be a handful. There are several spaniel breeds to choose from when it comes to picking the right Continue Reading →

Choosing the best gundog breed for you

get dog accessories for your gundog

Looking for the best gundog breed? We are here to help you know the differences between the various breeds of gundogs, and which will be best suited to you. First of all, it depends on the work you want your gundog to do, and getting the right breed can make all the difference when out Continue Reading →

Keeping your gun dogs healthy in the offseason

keep your gundog healthy with dog essentials

In addition to keeping your own skills and techniques up to scratch during the offseason, you also need to keep your gundog in shape, and this includes their health. Man’s most loyal companion deserves and needs lots of attention, especially if they are working dogs.

How to keep your gun dog fit in the off-season

wear a shooting jacket when training your gun dog

The shooting season is over but in addition to your own skills being kept sharp with clay shooting (read our blog on that here) your gun dog also needs to be kept in shape. As there is no work in the off-season, your dog is likely to get out of shape and could forget some Continue Reading →

Advice and tips for preparing your gundog for the beating line

springer spaniel gun dog in the field

Taking your gundog out to the beating line depends on both the dog and the trainer’s ability, but every owner should be asking themselves if their dog is ready to go beating. Of everyone on the shoot, the beater and their dog have the greatest risk of ruining a drive, so it is vital the Continue Reading →