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Everything You Need to Know About Spring 2018

Daffodils blooming in spring

With the Beast from the East, Storm Emma and now a lot of rain, it feels like spring might never arrive on UK shores, but we have a feeling it is just around the corner, with blue skies, warmer weather and plants in bloom on their way too! In anticipation of spring, we have put Continue Reading →

9 Ways to Live More Sustainably

A tree inside a broken o-zone layer

Sustainability is the hottest trend of this year, largely because people are finally opening their eyes to the reality of global warming. You may be sat thinking that you adopting a few sustainable practices may not make a difference, but trust us, it really will; especially if you tell a friend, who tells a friend, Continue Reading →

55 Incredible Things to Do in the Countryside

A woodland scene for adventures in country clothing

The countryside is a fantastic asset to us all and we often forget to make the most of what’s right on our doorstep. With the winter months ready to fade away, the new beginnings of spring offer the perfect chance to make a change and get back to the great outdoors. The new season brings Continue Reading →

Wildlife to Watch for in January and February

wrap up in country clothing when out seeing winter nature wildlife

January and February are at the core of winter, and though the days are crisp and bright, spring still feels a long way off. Early morning frosts turn grass sparkly and most plants and leaves have disappeared. But January and February are still great months to wrap up in country clothing and head outside to Continue Reading →

Put a Country Theme to Christmas Decorations

Country themed Christmas-decorations

The festive season is here and in addition to the delicious food, giving gifts and quality time with the family, it also brings about transforming your home with Christmas decorations. There is a lot to be done, and we love decorations that have a country theme, inspired by nature.

Helping Wildlife Through Winter

Robin visiting a winter garden

You can make a significant contribution to supporting wildlife during the cold winter months from doing something as simple as putting food out in the garden. Helping wildlife visiting your garden in winter is also a great way to watch the birds and animals at close quarters.

Learn More About British Wildlife With Our Quiz

British red fox

Small though Britain may be, it is home to all kinds of natural wonders and fascinating wildlife. The best place to see the wonderful wildlife is in the countryside, where the landscapes differ from rolling hills, colourful farmland, ancient woods and scraggy mountains. For people who love the great British countryside and the animals, plants Continue Reading →

Best Places for Seeing the Autumn Deer Rut

Red deer before a rut in Britain

The deer rut is one of the most exciting wildlife events of the year, occurring from late September to November. Several woodlands, parklands and country estates are great places to witness the rut, where stags compete for the female does in the herd, bellowing calls and locking antlers with competitors.

Beginner’s Guide to Breeding Gundogs

a dog

Breeding gun dogs may appeal to you after you have been an owner of one for many years. Whether or not you are familiar with everything involved, it should first be said it is a huge undertaking, and you’ll need to commit a large amount of time and care to the well-being of these animals. Continue Reading →

Wildlife To Watch For In The Autumn

Wildlife to watch for in autumn

In the autumn, British wildlife goes into business preparing for the cold winter months. As the temperature drops, there is a lot of work to be done, such as fattening up for the winter, flying south and preparing homes for hibernations. Everywhere you look in the countryside there are signs of change as the wildlife Continue Reading →