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Best Hikes To Do In Britain This Summer

Go for a summer hike at amazing locations in Britain

Our green and rainy country is home to some magnificent landscapes that make for great hiking locations. There is everything from coastal strolls to scrambles up mountains; British boots were definitely made for walking. This summer, get your own walking boots on and quality ladies and men’s country clothing from Fur Feather & Fin, and Continue Reading →

10 nature reserves to visit this summer

Kingfisher at a nature reserve this summer

There is such a plethora of beauty overflowing in the countryside that one nature reserve is not enough to see the best of British wildlife this summer. As such, we have put together ten of England’s best nature reserves where you can watch birds bursting into song, butterflies fluttering by, flowers providing a mesmerising scent Continue Reading →

Grow a wildflower meadow in your garden

grow a wildflower meadow in your garden

Growing a wildflower meadow creates a vibrant feeding and nesting ground for small animals, birds and insects. Our gardens and the British countryside were once full of wild flowers and flowering plants supporting various wildlife, but in the last hundred years, the country has lost a lot of these areas. However, you can create something Continue Reading →

Learn more about Britain’s birds of prey

Use birdwatching binoculars when looking for birds of prey

Birds of prey have impressive aerial skills and a hunting instinct which make them the lords of the skies, but do you know the difference between the raptors found across Britain? These birds have much better vision than ours; powerful talons to catch and kill prey, and a hooked beak perfect for tearing the flesh Continue Reading →

Plan a fun family spring and summer with our bucket list ideas

children in country clothing

With spring on our doorstep, and summer following close behind, you’re probably already planning what to do with your family while making the most of the sunny weather. In addition to the family holiday planned for the coming weeks, why not try a few extra special activities you can enjoy together and do something different?

Wonderful spring walks around England and Wales

Take a spring walk in Fur Feather & Fin country clothing

Winter is drawing to an end, making this time of year perfect for getting your country clothing and walking boots on, and heading out to enjoy the natural beauty of spring. You can see vibrant colours flowering across the landscape, baby animals in the fields and listen to birds singing in the bushes and trees.

A beginners guide to birdwatching in the UK

bird 1 kite

Birds are found all across the UK, and you don’t even need binoculars or a telescope to watch for many of them. We recommend trying out birdwatching during the shooting offseason as it helps you learn the flight patterns of certain birds and the best terrain to find them in. It is also a very Continue Reading →

The best locations for a wild flower walk

wear country clothing seeing wild flowers

Head off on a country walk through a wild landscape and enter a vibrant world, alive with bees and butterflies and rich in various colours and scents. Habitats where you can see wild flowers vary from meadows, enclosed woodlands or rocky mountain slopes and all these places are where they thrive.

Preparing your garden for spring

wear ladies country clothing when preparing your garden for spring

Gardens require little help during the winter months, and it is often a great time to let it run a little wild, providing for any wildlife looking for shelter in the colder months. But spring will arrive before you know it, and you will be swept up in the growing and nurturing of your garden Continue Reading →

Join in the Big Farmland Bird Count next week

Men bird watching in country clothing

Next week, from Friday 3rd January to Sunday 12th February, the fourth annual Big Farmland Bird Count (BFBC) is taking place. It is not only an easy way to find out about the birds that are on your farm, it highlights the vital role farmers, gamekeepers and landowners play in the survival of many farmland Continue Reading →