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The Fur Feather & Fin Guide to Planning the Perfect Picnic

A selection if picnic accessories on a blanket

Spring has finally sprung and it has bought us a lovely but of sun! The beautiful weather this week has given us the perfect excuse to head out for a picnic to enjoy the great British countryside. That’s why today’s blog is dedicated to creating the perfect picnic! From tasty treats to essential accessories, we’ve Continue Reading →

The Fur Feather & Fin Guide to Clay Pigeon Shooting Disciplines

A selection of clays lined up in a target for shooting practice

The off-season offers the perfect time to get some quality practice in, and to have some fun heading to the range to shoot some clay pigeons. This can really help to hone your skills, and work on your technique with the time and patience to perfect each shot. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or simply Continue Reading →

How Much is Our Nature Worth?

A green woodland in the UK where shoots take place

How much is our nature worth? Is it possible to put a figure on something that, ultimately, is priceless to us? The Office for National Statistics recently released a statement showing the estimated worth of the UK’s nature, including green spaces, natural resources and wildlife. At a time when environmental concerns seems to be peaking, Continue Reading →

Animal Fact File: Grey Partridge

Grey partridge on the ground

Name: Grey Partridge Scientific Name: Perdix perdix Description: A gamebird in the pheasant family, the grey partridge is a medium, rotund bird that has a distinctive orange face. Also known as an English partridge, they are strictly ground birds and very unlikely to be found in pear trees.

Guide to Preparing Game Meat for the Freezer

A man heading back in his country shirt with game birds

With the end of the shooting season just around the corner, many of you may find yourself left with an abundance of birds that you really don’t want to let go to waste. Having spent the last few months venturing out into nature in your finest country shirts, shooting jackets and hunting boots, it’s only Continue Reading →

Large Munsterlander Gundogs: What You Need to Know

Large Munsterlander gundog

Sometimes mistaken for a larger spaniel, Munsterlanders do resemble large black and white springers, as they are the most spaniel-like of the German breeds of gundog in the UK. The large Munsterlander has an affinity with the small Munsterlander and the German longhaired pointer and is most often used as an HPR gundog in the Continue Reading →

Top Tips for Buying Your First Gun

Man carrying his first shotgun

Buying your first gun can be a little daunting, but also an interesting process that allows you to learn about them. It is advisable that you start looking at guns while you wait for your license to arrive, and many dealers will be happy to reserve a gun for you. You should also invest in Continue Reading →

Fun Facts About the Glorious Twelfth

Red grouse, a popular bird to shoot

It is still over a month away, but no doubt all avid shooters are counting down the days to August 12th, otherwise known as the Glorious Twelfth, the official start to Britain’s grouse shooting season. The sport and that specific date have been an integral part of the countryside calendar for many years.

Keep sharp in the off-season with these activities

long walks country sports to try in the offseason

Though the shooting season is over, there are plenty of other country activities to keep you active and in shape for when the shooting starts again later in the year. From clay pigeon shooting to foraging, there are plenty of things to keep yourself active or to try for the first time during the spring Continue Reading →

What food to forage at what time of year

wear country clothing when foraging

Foraging for food is becoming more and more popular, as people want to see out organic food in the wild rather than heading to the supermarkets. For people who are not sure what time to look for food, check out our guide below to see what food should be foraged in what month.