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Behind The Scenes Video


Here’s a little behind the scene video about ourselves and the CLA game fair. Always helps to put a face to a name we think. Click on this post to see the video after the break! ENJOY

Gun-Puppy to Gundog b Part 6

Labrador puppy snow

Tracking and Flushing drills… Well hopefully if you’ve followed the first 5 parts, then the hunting training elements should actually prove relatively easy! I say “easy” because you are effectively now trying to encourage aspects of your puppy’s behaviour that will come naturally to it. As a Labrador Bruce should prove to be an adequate Continue Reading →

Corkcicle?… Genius.

Corkcicle - wine chiller, gadget

Warm white wine is one of my biggest dislikes; in fact it’s up there with skinny jeans on men, taxes, and traffic-jams. I “borrowed” one of these from the store room at Fur Feather & Fin so I could give it a try and write an honest review. I was expecting something akin to the Continue Reading →

Gun-Puppy to Gundog – Part 3

Bruce Labrador Puppy Gundog

In Part 1 and Part 2 we covered transport and settling-in. Now the training element, which should begin from the minute your puppy is settled in. Bonding… A strong bond between you and your puppy is essential to good training – the stronger the bond the more yourB puppy will want to please you and Continue Reading →

Review: Exploding Air Rifle and Shotgun Targets

Having recommended these as a top gift I thought it might be an idea to spend a little time reviewing them – it’s been a year since I’ve shot them as the pack I received from Father Christmas disappeared within a few hours of the boxing day clay shoot! Fur Feather & Fin’s Exploding Targets Continue Reading →