Who gives a duck?!

Two brown call ducks (bantam ducks) relaxing on the grass.

  Nearly half as annoying to your neighbours as chickens, ducks are an oft overlooked inhabitant of the garden… so why don’t more people keep ducks?! I recently visited a friend who keeps both ducks and chickens, upon entering his rear yard a small creamy coloured duck waddled straight at me and set about nibbling Continue Reading →

It's all about Tweed!

Ladies Tweed Clothing

Did you know that the word btweedb comes from a genuine mistake?B Tweed as we know it has been around since the early 1800’s, although various forms of tweel or twill and similar woven cloth have existed for centuries.B Interestingly around 1830 a short sighted London Merchant assumed that btweelb , as written on the Continue Reading →

Jess competes at the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association under fourteens competition

Clay Pigeon Shooting Under 14's

In September 2012 I started at the local secondary school, after a few weeks my parents went to the first parents evening where they found out that the school ran a clay pigeon shooting team. I was invited to a taster session which I enjoyed immensely. I got the chance to go again to our Continue Reading →



New & Exciting products from Fur Feather & Fin Always on the lookout for new and exciting country gifts, we at Fur Feather and Fin have put together a selection of our new products that we are most excited about. Explaining a bit more about the fun gadgets and useful presents we hope to give Continue Reading →

Syndicate Shenanigans

Pheasant shooting syndicate

I had just got home for lunch when there was a knock at my door… there stood before me was The Squire in all his splendor having just returned from another month in the Bahamas. bBob,b he said bI have been thinking.b A thought which immediately sent shivers down my spine. bWe need to have Continue Reading →



The joys of canine puberty… We’re all familiar with teenager’s silly haircuts, well now I know how my friends feel when they introduce their silly-looking teenager (and once we’re alone shrug and say “kids today”). On the upside at least he’s not wearing skinny jeans or see-through leggings with jean shorts half way up his Continue Reading →

Behind The Scenes Video


Here’s a little behind the scene video about ourselves and the CLA game fair. Always helps to put a face to a name we think. Click on this post to see the video after the break! ENJOY

British Butterflies

Red Admiral

Not to be confused with Day-Flying Moths of which there are over 2,500 species, there are a total of 59 species of butterfly that breed in Britain. Butterflies are used by environmentalist to measure the health of a habitat – lots of different species of butterflies means healthy biodiversity, as they all have very specific Continue Reading →

Are Boar a bore?

Wild Boar

100kg, razor sharp tusks, nocturnal, 1m high covered with bristly hair… it sounds like something out of a horror movie, but in reality Wild Boar were once a native species that formed a key part in the evolution and sustainability of our ancient woodland. Having been hunted to extinction since in the 13th century, thanks Continue Reading →

UK Snake Species – The Adder


Whilst out shooting last year I very nearly trod on a large adder (about 2ft)… a rather stereotypical west-country friend of mine promptly jumped into the shallow ditch to take a look – I warned him I “wasn’t in the mood for A&E tonight”, to which he replied “Na don’t be silly they’re not much Continue Reading →