Gun-Puppy to Gundog b Part 6

Labrador puppy snow

Tracking and Flushing drills… Well hopefully if you’ve followed the first 5 parts, then the hunting training elements should actually prove relatively easy! I say “easy” because you are effectively now trying to encourage aspects of your puppy’s behaviour that will come naturally to it. As a Labrador Bruce should prove to be an adequate Continue Reading →

bHe who is tired of London is tired of life.b Samuel Johnson 1777

Anti Hunting Protesters

I recently dragged myself through Central London to a poker game with an old work colleague and a few of his friends. My ex-colleague was escaping to the country and buying a house – much to the chagrin of one stereotypical London MD-of-his-own-company; a geriatric who stood there in skinny jeans complete with suit jacket Continue Reading →

Emergency Dog Coat!

Brrr it's cold!

Exposing a Gundog to water and weather is a key part of training as a puppy; of course on this occasion I may have gotten slightly carried away… chucking a dummy 50 yards into a tidal estuary in the middle of December may have been a little extreme! I challenge anyone to resist donating their Continue Reading →

The Six UK Deer Species Part 1 – Roe

Roe deer doe

Roe deer are the most common and widespread deer in the UK. They are present in England, Wales, and Scotland but are absent in Ireland. They are more common than most people think – but they are very hard to see or get near as they have evolved with Humans as their No.1 predator. Colouring Continue Reading →

Gun-Puppy to Gundog – Part 5

Bruce the Labrador Gun-Puppy Sitting

Bathing… There’s a stereotype that dogs hate baths – they don’t!… Dogs pick up on your anxiety about bathing them, and if they aren’t used to being bathed then it makes the problem even worse! My best friends Labrador jumps into the bath on command then barks for the shower to be turned on! I Continue Reading →

Bringing The Catwalk To Your Dog Walk


Fur feather and fin is thinking about adding another ‘F’ to our name, fashion! With the Duchess of Cambridge making wellies look like Christian Louboutins and the rise of programmes such as ‘Made in Chelsea’ the country look is becoming this yearbs little black dress. So we at Fur Feather and Fin have a picked Continue Reading →

Gun-Puppy to Gundog b Part 4

Labrador Puppy Bruce under an Arm Chair

Mastering the Basics… Bruce is now 12 weeks old, and everyone I meet who is used to “pet” dogs rather than working dogs can’t believe how obedient and well behaved he is – I personally can’t imagine why anyone would tolerate a badly behaved dog! Within a few weeks of training your puppy should now Continue Reading →

Review: Zeiss Duralyt 3-12×50 IR

Picture of the Zeiss 3-12x50 Illuminated Reticle Rifle Scope

Review: Zeiss Duralyt 3-12×50 IR Rifle Scope Zeiss’ Duralyt Range is basically their version of a “Budget Scope”, though at circa B#900 it is certainly not cheap; rather a good quality rifle scope that is under the usual B#1000 mark for rifle scopes of this quality. The model I’m reviewing is the 3-12×50 IR – Continue Reading →

Game on! Our best Christmas Recipes

Roast Woodcock Dinner Recipe

I once had 3 Turkey roasts… in the same day! – A work lunch, a family Christmas dinner with the in-laws, and a rifle club Christmas dinner! There was literally nothing else to choose from, so with this in mind we’ve raided our cookbooks and racked our brains for a collection of our favourite (not Continue Reading →

Attracting Wild Birds to your Garden


Having wild birds in your garden has many benefits. As well as being enjoyable to watch and listen to, they also keep pests such as earwigs, slugs and snails at a manageable level. Rural and urban gardens appear twice as beautiful when there are regular visits from wild birds – though I live in the Continue Reading →