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Will you spot an otter this week?

The next few weeks could be prime otter spotting time – Fur Feather & Fin

Keen otter spotters say that the next few weeks could be the prime time to see an otter in their local rivers and waterways, some reporting a 70% success rate in their outings to see the rare animals. Otters have been on the brink of extinction in Britain since the 1980, due to several issues Continue Reading →

Pots of fresh air from the British countryside now for sale on eBay!

Enjoy the Shropshire fresh air with Fur Feather & Fin range of country clothing

It is now possible to buy a pot of “fresh air”, direct from the British countryside, thanks to a novelty gift shop on eBay! Fun Favours are selling the pots, which contain air lovingly harvested from the Shropshire countryside, for £1 apiece. This now means that city-goers many miles away from rolling green fields can Continue Reading →

Woodland Trust warns work to be done to save the trees

Woodland Trust logo, aiming to protect the UK’s forests – Fur Feather & Fin

Studies by the Woodland Trust have shown that the loss in ash trees through Chalara disease could be fatal for the wildlife and surrounding landscapes. Trees are a major part of the eco system, providing habitats for small mammals, birds and insects, as well as providing fresh air for us to breathe. Ash trees also Continue Reading →