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Tips on what to wear for a shoot

mens and ladies shooting jackets and caps on man with a gun

If you are new to the shooting scene, you may be looking for some inspiration on what kind of country clothing to wear for your first shoot. Although there is no set in stone rules, there are guidelines for dressing that you should try to adhere to, to blend in with the setting around you, Continue Reading →

Pots of fresh air from the British countryside now for sale on eBay!

Enjoy the Shropshire fresh air with Fur Feather & Fin range of country clothing

It is now possible to buy a pot of “fresh air”, direct from the British countryside, thanks to a novelty gift shop on eBay! Fun Favours are selling the pots, which contain air lovingly harvested from the Shropshire countryside, for £1 apiece. This now means that city-goers many miles away from rolling green fields can Continue Reading →