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Keep Your Gun Clean This Shooting Season with FFF’s Cleaning Kits

Cleaning kit available from Fur Feather & Fin

It is important not to neglect cleaning your gun, especially in shooting season, as it is getting more use. You should keep your gun in the best possible condition because a well-cared gun will help your fire more accurately and give better results on a day’s shoot. If you need to update or improve your Continue Reading →

Come and join us at the CLA Game Fair

CLA Game Fair official logo - Fur Feather & Fin

One of the biggest celebrations of the Great British Countryside is only a day away, in the shape of the CLA Game Fair. Taking place at the beautiful Harewood House in Yorkshire, over 150,000 people are expected to pay the fair a visit, which has been fantastically as an agricultural Glastonbury!

£2 Billion- the value of shooting in our economy

Country Life- Keen Game Hunting Enthusiasts Out For A Pursuit With Their Gun Dog

In the last two weeks we have seen the much anticipated release of the Value of Shooting, a study that looked into not only the economic, but the environmental and social contribution of the sport of shooting to our country. Media across the land are reporting on the statistics including Countryfile as well as a Continue Reading →