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Beginner’s Guide to Breeding Gundogs

a dog

Breeding gun dogs may appeal to you after you have been an owner of one for many years. Whether or not you are familiar with everything involved, it should first be said it is a huge undertaking, and you’ll need to commit a large amount of time and care to the well-being of these animals. Continue Reading →

Keep Your Gun Clean This Shooting Season with FFF’s Cleaning Kits

Cleaning kit available from Fur Feather & Fin

It is important not to neglect cleaning your gun, especially in shooting season, as it is getting more use. You should keep your gun in the best possible condition because a well-cared gun will help your fire more accurately and give better results on a day’s shoot. If you need to update or improve your Continue Reading →

10 golden rules for shooting

Man holds open shotgun

As hunting season creeps in with the arrival of September soon to come, let’s take a look at ten of the golden rules for going on a shoot and handling any form of firearm. Whether you are a beginner looking for tips on how to start or a seasoned pro wanted a re-cap on the some of Continue Reading →

10 Things To Do Before A Shoot

Three men out with shotgun and two retrieving dog and a brace of pheasants

As the roaring Glorious Twelfth approaches once again, the long summer of rabbit and Pigeon soon to be a thing of the past, we thought it would be an appropriate time to look at our ten things we do before a shoot. A simple guide for guns old and an insight for new guns alike. Continue Reading →

Open your eyes to the latest expert advice on shooting technique

shooting season in the field with men equipped with their leather gunslips

For many, many years, we have been taught and trained to believe that shooting with only one eye open is the best way to hit the target. Usually the dominant eye is chosen to give you the most accurate view, or so we have been told, but the experts are now advising that we need Continue Reading →

Shooting voted the third most popular recreational activity in National Parks survey

Mens shooting jackets for partridge shooting season

A survey held recently revealed an incredible amount of support for recreational activities such as shooting and walking. The Campaign for National Parks survey was made up of a list of 23 different activities, and each were voted for by those living and working both inside and outside of one of the 15 National Park Continue Reading →

The Glorious Twelfth is nearly upon us

The Red Grouse located in moorland in Scotland – Fur Feather & Fin

The twelfth of August may just sound like a normal day, but it is actually the start of something that has a huge impact on the wild birds of Britain. We have taken a look below at what the Glorious Twelfth is, and how it impacts the UK. What is the Glorious Twelfth? The Glorious Continue Reading →

Keeping warm this winter

Countryside shooting | Keeping warm this winter | Fur feather and Fin country living and sporting gifts

The winter season may appear to get in the way of going out and shooting or beating, however, with the right equipment, it is something you can do all year round. Here’s how to brave the elements and enjoy a winter’s day in the country:

Essential Beating Kit

Woodland shooting beating essential kit | Gloves waterproofs chaps leggings gun dogs stick hat fleece | Fur Feather and Fin country living and sporting gifts

If you’re new to beating then you may be wondering what it is you’ll actually need to wear and take with you. Whilst all shoots differ, here is the basic kit that you will definitely need if you are going to enjoy yourself.

Strong grouse season predicted on Glorious Twelfth

Grouse Season Shooting Scotland | Glorious Twelfth Lapwig Curlew Estates | Fur Feather Fin Country Lifestyle Gifts

This year’s grouse shooting season looks set to be a memorable one if the nation’s best gamekeepers are proved to be correct. With the Glorious Twelfth celebrated today, gamekeepers say prospects for the season look good thanks to the mild winter and warm spring we’ve experienced this year. While those conditions are believed to have Continue Reading →