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Could treeconomics save our cities?

Could treeconomics save our cities? – Fur Feather & Fin

The new tree mapping system i-Tree will help us show the economic value of our ecosystems, leading to increased awareness, support and funding. Treeconomics is the social science that looks into the contribution trees pay to the environment and human wellbeing, not only looking at the economic value but also the cultural and health benefits. Continue Reading →

Woodland Trust warns work to be done to save the trees

Woodland Trust logo, aiming to protect the UK’s forests – Fur Feather & Fin

Studies by the Woodland Trust have shown that the loss in ash trees through Chalara disease could be fatal for the wildlife and surrounding landscapes. Trees are a major part of the eco system, providing habitats for small mammals, birds and insects, as well as providing fresh air for us to breathe. Ash trees also Continue Reading →