The Fur Feather & Fin Guide to Outdoor Eating

With the summer weather having already graced us early on in the year, we’re very much looking forward to what the season brings. One of our favourite things about the warmer season is the chance to dine al fresco. Whether we’re cooking up some fine game meat treats on the barbeque or heading out into the countryside with a fine homemade picnic in hand, there’s nothing quite like eating outdoors. To make this experience as enjoyable as possible, we’ve created a guide to eating outdoors this summer:


Where to Eat

If you’re planning to dine al fresco, the first thing to sort out is where you will eat. This could be as simple as preparing your garden for a filling feast, or seeking out the perfect location. If you’re considering taking a barbeque into a public place, you’ll need to check for restrictions as beaches and dry woodland areas often have a ban in place to preserve the natural surroundings. If you’re only bringing along cold foods, the range of locations is greatly increased! Think about heading to a National Park, a beautiful beach, a local park or even a woodland. Why not combine your picnic with a fantastic British walk?

You’ll need to think about how far from home you’ll be travelling to prepare your foods accordingly. Take a look at our picnic guide for some handy tips and tricks for preparations!

What to Eat

Here are a few of our favourite ideas on what to eat:

A great British barbeque – featuring: venison burgers, game meat kebabs, sizzling sausages, charred vegetables in buns, wraps, potato salad and coleslaw. Pair this with a mixed berry fruit punch for a refreshing addition.

Mediterranean Mezze – a feast of hummus, sundried tomatoes, peppers, carrot sticks, pitta bread, tzatsiki, kofte, cured meats and falafel. To drink, opt for a crisp white wine sangria filled with apples, strawberries and mango.

Afternoon Tea – a selection of the finest handmade sandwiches, cakes, fruit salad, a raised game meat pie, quiche, tiffin, victoria fingers and of course scones with jam and cream! Bring along a jug of zingy homemade lemonade and add a splash of raspberry or sloe gin for an adult kick!

If you spent plenty of time in the great outdoors with your leather gunslip in the shooting season, you may have plenty of leftover game meat. We’ve got a selection of recipes that you can create with these tasty meats on our blog, so be sure to check them out!

Essential items:

  • A drinks cooler
  • Picnic blanket
  • Re-usable cutlery
  • Re-usable cups
  • Re-usable plates
  • Napkins
  • A bag for rubbish
  • Plenty of water
  • Sun cream
  • Wet wipes

A selection if picnic accessories on a blanket

Top tips:

  1. Pack your picnic in reverse order with the first thing you’d unpack at the very top.
  2. Always opt for re-usable packaging where possible to cut down on plastic waste – making items from scratch rather than buying pre-made options certainly helps to cut down, if you’re willing to commit that is! This will also save you from having too much rubbish to bring home.
  3. Choose foods that will fare well in the heat/outdoor setting. Lettuce leaves tend to go limp quickly, so opt for crunchy vegetables as an alternative.
  4. Decant smaller portions of condiments and salad dressings into small jars or pots to save yourself hulking along a month’s worth of ketchup to your barbeque.
  5. Always check well in advance for any food allergies or issues so that you can prepare your food accordingly.
  6. Freeze bottles of water to add to your coolbox or picnic basket, this will not only help to keep your food cool and fresh, but will mean that you’ll have some icy cold water to drink all day long.
  7. Tape a thermometer to the inside of your coolbox if you’re bringing along foods that need to remain under a certain temperature. This is particularly important if you’re transporting raw meat; no one wants to head of home with a dodgy stomach!
  8. Golfing umbrellas can double as parasols in the summer sunshine, and will make sure you stay dry in any sudden downpours!
  9. Battery operated fairy lights are the perfect source of light if you’re planning to stay out beyond the hours on daylight.
  10. Always clean up your mess before leaving. There’s no need to harm our environment by leaving litter lying all around, pack it up and bring it home to recycle and dispose appropriately.

Must-have accessories:

Here at Fur Feather and Fin we’ve got a fantastic selection of accessories that will make the whole outdoor eating experience all the more enjoyable, and here are a few of our top picks:

  • Two person picnic bag
  • Folding BBQ with Cooler Bag
  • Foldable BBQ Pan
  • Wicker wine/champagne basket
  • Picnic folding chair
  • Bullet thermos flask

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