The Fur Feather & Fin Guide to Planning the Perfect Picnic

Spring has finally sprung and it has bought us a lovely but of sun! The beautiful weather this week has given us the perfect excuse to head out for a picnic to enjoy the great British countryside. That’s why today’s blog is dedicated to creating the perfect picnic! From tasty treats to essential accessories, we’ve got a whole lot of treats for you to try out for yourself!

A selection if picnic accessories on a blanket

Step 1: Pick a Location

Finding the perfect picnic spot can be done on a spontaneous wander in the great British countryside; however, if you’re planning a large group picnic, a little more planning may be needed! You’ll need to find an area that is accessible to the public with a large, clear space, such as grassland or on a beach! Be sure to check if the location is dog-friendly if you’ll be bringing your fou-legged friends along too!

Step 2: Get to Know Your Guests

If you’re planning a large picnic, it’s important to know of any food intolerances or preferences in advance to save any issues on the day. Don’t panic if someone mentions that they’re gluten free, dairy free or vegan, as these days there are plenty of simple alternatives and no one will be left out. It might even be helpful to send out invites with an RSVP number/form to ensure all guests are catered for. Getting to know your guests will also help you to gauge the numbers you’ll be catering for so that you definitely have enough to go around!

Tip: If it’s just a family gathering or small group of friends, you can probably skip this step, as the chances are that you’ll already know most of this information!

Step 3: Creating a Menu

The wonderful thing about a picnic is that they celebrate the simpler foods in a beautiful setting. Planning out what you’re going to bring will help you to ensure there’s plenty of food and drink for all, and a dish to cater for every taste. Ensure your menu includes a good balance of sweet and savoury dishes, with some thirst quenching beverages for those lovely summers days too. Here are some of our favourite picnic recipes and ideas:



  • Chocolate tiffin
  • Chocolate/marshmallow rice crispy cakes
  • Fruit kebabs
  • Strawberries & cream
  • Scones, jam & cream
  • Chocolate brownies
  • Cupcakes


  • Countryside punch
  • Homemade lemonade (with FFF Sloe Gin for the grownups)
  • Fruit infused water

Step 4: Entertainment

Catching up and having a good chin waggle is always a fun time, but why not include a few extra activities for your next picnic? We recommend a good ol’ game of rounders, cricket or frisbee. Don’t forget to bring along a deck of cards too!

Step 5: Preparation & Packing

If there’s a large group of attendees, it can be wise to delegate certain dishes out to members of the team to ease the stress on one individual. However, if you’re brave enough to put on the full spread yourself, many dishes are better prepared a few days in advance to give them time to fully cool and set before being transported.

Next, it’s onto the packing, and this can often be a very tricky step! If you have a picnic basket, this will certainly come in handy for transportation, as will a cook box/bag, plastic tubs and cool packs. Cardboard boxes are another great alternative as a very sturdy way to transport your precious goods! Why not take a look at our range of picnic accessories, including a range of handy tools, gifts and gadgets to make planning your picnic a walk in the park?

Where possible, don’t forget to think of in an eco-friendly manner and don’t opt for disposable cups, plates and cutlery! There are plenty of re-usable or wooden alternatives that are so much better for the environment!

Don’t forget to bring along sun cream, plenty of water and appropriate country clothing too!

Tip: Pack your picnic in reverse order; the picnic blanket should be at the very top as it is the first thing you’ll need, and cold foods should be at the bottom with the cool packs.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Once you’ve unpacked and set up, it’s time to relish in the rewards of your work and tuck into some tasty treats with your friends and family! We’d love to see your picnic pictures so be sure to tag us on Facebook (@furfeatherandfin) or Instagram (furfeather_fin)!

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