Wedding Gift Ideas 2018

With the royal wedding just around the corner, we’re incredibly excited to see what the celebrations of the big day will bring. This occasion also marks the wedding season getting into full swing, meaning that it’s time to dig out your finest wedding attire and get ready to celebrate the coming together of many lovely couples. If you’re heading to a wedding this year, you might be sat wondering what gifts to bring along. That’s why we’ve put together a little inspirational list of items to gift to the new happy couple!

Celebration Champagne Basket with 12 free glasses

Celebration Champagne Basket with 12 free Glasses £95.00

This basket is a fantastic gift, and has proved ever popular this year! The beautifully handcrafted basket can store up to four bottles of wine, Prosecco, Champagne or drink of your choosing, as well as 12 glasses. The basket is the perfect accompaniment to many occasions, be it a garden party, a day at the polo or a trip to the races!


Steel Bullet Ice Cube Set

Steel Bullet Ice Cube Set £28.00

These steel bullet ice cubes are an essential to any country home, keeping your drinks chilled for far longer than a traditional ice cube, and looking quite the part, these make for a fantastic gift!


Wooden Cheese Board and Knife set

Wooden Cheese Board & Knife Set £19.99

For the couple that loves their cheeses, this is a fantastic gift, and can be paired with a selection of local specialties for an extra touch. A cheeseboard has long been a traditional wedding gift, and this swivel base and hidden stainless steel tool combo make it a wonderful house-orientated present.


2 Person Picnic Bag

A Picnic Kit £25.00-£65.99

Any couple that loves the great outdoors will love this handy two-person picnic bag! With a set of glasses, forks, knives, spoons, plates and napkins, as well as the foil insulation to keep their food fresh, this is a fantastic accessory for long romantic walks all over the globe!

Wine Aerator Conundrum Decanter

Wine Aerator Conundrum Decanter £29.99

A gift that pairs perfectly with the cheese board and knife set, this elegant wine decanter takes the wine tasting experience to a whole new level as it aerates the wine not just once, but twice! The large spout makes for ease of pouring, and this is an essential item for any wine-lover for a quiet evening in or for a large dinner party!

A Hamper £39.99-£99.99

Our range of foodie hampers have lots of lovely products, including gins, jams, chocolates, chutneys and plenty more. All served up in a nice looking hamper, this is a gift you won’t even need to wrap! Alternatively, you could put the effort into creating your own personalized hamper filled with all the couples’ favourite things!


SLOPPAS £15.99

Ok, so we’ll admit that this may not be the most glamorous of wedding presents. However, it’s an absolute essential for any country couples to keep the carpets looking fresh and clean. You never know, an item such as this could prevent a few little new-couple arguments and help them to last in the long run!

FFF Gift Vouchers

FFF Gift Vouchers £5+

If you’re still struggling for inspiration, why not pick up one of our handy gift vouchers? This will give the recipients the freedom to choose from a selection of country gifts of their liking, be it for their home, garden or hobbies!

What kind of gifts would you most like to receive on your special day? We’d love to hear your ideas through our social media channels!

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