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Guide to Brittany Gundogs

The Brittany has many qualities which make it the perfect companion out on the field such as versatility, ease to train and high energy! 

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Guide To Shooting

Guide To Birds & Wildlife

The FFF Guide to Getting into Shooting Tips on Improving Your Shooting Footwork Applying for a Firearms Licence Animal Fact File: The Woodpecker The Best Places to Photograph UK Wildlife Animal Fact File: Scottish Wildcat
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Guide To Gundogs

Guide To Country Recipes

A plate of roast quail, potatoes and vegetables
Guide to Italian Spinone Gundogs Interview with Gundog Trainer, Jason Mayhew How to Spot Illegal Puppy Farming

Country Recipes: Homemade Chutneys

Three Recipes for Delicious Hip Flask Fillers Country Recipe: Elderflower Biscuits
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Guide To Outdoor Activities

Guide To Home & Garden

Top 8 Walking Apps

The Fur Feather and Fin Guide to Spring Picnic Essentials

The Best Apps for Nature Lovers

A Beginners Guide to Starting a New Allotment

Make Your Garden More Wildlife Friendly this Year Ways to Attract Bees to Your Garden
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Animal Fact File: Woodpecker

Name: Woodpecker

Scientific Name: Picidae

Description: Found throughout the UK in forests and woodlands, they are small with bold pattern, a round head, chisel-like bill and a stiff tail.

Species: Woodpeckers are part of the family Picidae, closely related birds from this family include wrynecks and sapsuckers. There are three species found in the UK, great spotted woodpecker (Dendrocopos major), green woodpecker (Picus viridis) and lesser spotted woodpecker (Dendrocopos minor).

Woodpecker bird black white and red perched on a tree

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Why You Should Socialise Your Gundog

We all know socialising your dog is an integral part of being a dog owner, by why is it important, and what are the benefits? A socialised dog, particularly a working dog that is frequently surrounded by different sights and smells, will work better and respond well even in new environments. Read on to find out everything you need to know about socialising your gun dog.

Spaniels socialising

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8 Facts About Clay Pigeon Shooting

Whether you’re just curious about pigeon clay shooting, thinking about trying it out, or are already an avid clay target shooter, here are some facts about clay pigeon shooting that might surprise you.
Clay pigeon shooting, also known as clay target shooting, is a popular sport where people shoot flying clay targets with a shotgun. On the contrary, the clay targets look nothing like pigeons, but the name originates from when live pigeon competitions were held before being made illegal in 1921 in the UK.

Rifles resting against a wooden bench sitting next to a fence

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6 Ways to Attract Bees to Your Garden

A good garden is a delight to many, whether you enjoy colourful flowers, scrumptious home grown vegetables, organised chaos or a combination of the three. While there are many ways to maintain and manage your garden or allotment, some things will always remain a necessity. All plants require water, nutrients and light, but if you want your garden to produce plentiful crops and your plants to reproduce for the following year, you must also consider pollination an essential. Bees are one of our most important pollinators. We explain a little more about why they are so important, and ways in which you can look after and entice these furry little flyers.Bee on yellow and green flowers

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Country Recipe: Elderflower Biscuits

Summer is well and truly on its way and with the warmer weather and sunshine comes gardens, trees and hedgerows stuffed with a whole bunch of delicious fruits and flowers to bring into the kitchen (if they make it that far!). If you are an experienced forager or are just starting out, elderflower is versatile and easy to find. It should feature on the list of anyone who wants to create authentic country-style recipes. If you aren’t able to get out searching for the flowers don’t worry, our elderflower biscuits recipe works great with shop bought cordial too.

Lime and elderflowers with a spoon on a posh jar

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