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Recycle Your Halloween Pumpkin With These Great Ideas

PumpkinWhat do you do with your leftover pumpkin after Halloween?  Or, even before that, what can you do with the inside 'guts' and seeds of a pumpkin when you are carving your pumpkin up for Halloween?  If you hate waste as much as we do, then you may find this blog post helpful as we have put together some ideas to stretch the use of your pumpkin and get use from every last seed!

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How to Make Sloe Gin | Homemade Recipe

The sloe season usually begins in October; however, in particularly wet weather, the berries can be ripe enough to harvest as early as September. This is excellent news for gin lovers, as you can get a head start on making your own sloe gin this season. If you’d like to have a shot at making this warming autumn beverage, our guide is sure to help you get the best from your sloes, from picking tips right up to flavouring your very own spirit!

Some homemade sloe gin in cocktail glasses with ice

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The Ladies Guide : What to Bring & Wear Shooting

If you are lucky enough to get invited on a shoot, it’s important to follow etiquette regarding what to bring and what to wear. 
The first thing to do is enquire with the shoot host about what Musto Highland Gore-Tex Ultra-Light Jacketthe dress code is, some shoots may be more formal than others.  And second, (as all British know!) is to check the weather, you will want to ensure you are warm and comfortable as it will be a long day.

Men will typically wear brown or green on a shoot, while women can also add in some warm earth tones like burnt orange or yellows.  Just keep in mind that you will want to blend in with the landscape so you are less noticeable to the birds.  The exception to this rule for women is the occasional small ‘splash’ of colour with items like shooting socks, a hat or even a colourful feather pin.

We have put together this handy guide to help you select the right clothing and accessories….

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Anglesey Gundog International Has a New Sponsor and a New Name

Anglesey Gundog International

Press Release

August 2019

Anglesey Gundog International Has a New Sponsor and a New Name

[Chichester] Fur Feather and Fin are very honoured to announce they have become the new sponsor for the Anglesey Gundog International.  This gundog field trials competition, held in Anglesey Wales every year, was first started over 25 years ago.  The location and terrain, complete with a lake that was added, makes for an ideal spot and has become a favourite for many gundog handlers that have had the opportunity to compete here.

However, despite its’ popularity and picturesque location, the competition almost didn’t even happen this year.  When the sponsor pulled out at the last minute, it looked like the only option was to cancel the competition for this year.  Thankfully, there weren’t any disappointed gundogs as Fur Feather & Fin stepped-in to take over sponsorship of the event.

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Gun Slip Buyers Guide

When you purchase a gun it is an investment, of both your money and your time.  You are spending money to purchase the gun and you will spend money to enjoy it as well, by way of other shooting accessories, ammunition, etc.  Additionally, you are investing your time in a hobby/sport that may become, or already is, an important part of your lifestyle.  So, just like any other investment you make you should protect it, which means it’s important to do your research to ensure you are selecting a gun slip that meets your needs, budget and personal preferences. 

This Gun Slip buyers guide will help you identify, and evaluate, the various factors to take into consideration before you make your purchase.

Compton Gun Slip

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Protecting Your Dog In The Summer Heat

This time of year, the sun and heat can present some challenges for our canine friends.  It is up to us, as responsible and loving dog owners, to stay informed about the precautions we need take to ensure their wellbeing in the hot summer heat.  And sometimes it means doing what’s right to protect your dog’s health and having to endure ‘sad-dog-eyes’ because you need to leave them home where it’s cool.

Water – It is always important to keep your dog well hydrated but even more so when the temperatures soar.  Make sure to regularly replenish your dog’s water bowl and ensure they have constant access.  If you are going out with your dog be sure to bring fresh clean water and a bowl for them to drink from.

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Guide to Korthals Griffon Gundogs

A rare gun dog breed, you may or may not be familiar with the Korthals Griffon. Their distinctive moustache style of facial fur is eye-catching. Originating from the Netherlands, it is infrequent to notice these dogs in public; a country show is a more likely place to observe one. They are, however, slowly growing in popularity as a short-range gun dog. Their incredibly true nature and history of specialised breeding make them a fascinating dog breed.

Korthals griffon gundog stood in grass

CC by Elf

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Country Recipe: Duck Summer Salad

Oh, summer! The evenings are balmy and light, and there is a new spring in our step. However, summer is a busy time for many, and you may find yourself cut short for time when it comes to dinner. The additional heat, while lovely, can sometimes make hot food seem unappealing, which is when the humble salad comes into play. One of the most versatile dishes in the world, not only are salads super healthy, but they are the perfect dish for hot summer evenings. Duck breast served warm to cold, adds a country twist and we’ve included the recipe for our favourite dressing for a final flourish. blue and white bowl with green salad

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