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Gun Slip Buyers Guide

When you purchase a gun it is an investment, of both your money and your time.  You are spending money to purchase the gun and you will spend money to enjoy it as well, by way of other shooting accessories, ammunition, etc.  Additionally, you are investing your time in a hobby/sport that may become, or already is, an important part of your lifestyle.  So, just like any other investment you make you should protect it, which means it’s important to do your research to ensure you are selecting a gun slip that meets your needs, budget and personal preferences. 

This Gun Slip buyers guide will help you identify, and evaluate, the various factors to take into consideration before you make your purchase.

Compton Gun Slip

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Protecting Your Dog In The Summer Heat

This time of year, the sun and heat can present some challenges for our canine friends.  It is up to us, as responsible and loving dog owners, to stay informed about the precautions we need take to ensure their wellbeing in the hot summer heat.  And sometimes it means doing what’s right to protect your dog’s health and having to endure ‘sad-dog-eyes’ because you need to leave them home where it’s cool.

Water – It is always important to keep your dog well hydrated but even more so when the temperatures soar.  Make sure to regularly replenish your dog’s water bowl and ensure they have constant access.  If you are going out with your dog be sure to bring fresh clean water and a bowl for them to drink from.

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Guide to Korthals Griffon Gundogs

A rare gun dog breed, you may or may not be familiar with the Korthals Griffon. Their distinctive moustache style of facial fur is eye-catching. Originating from the Netherlands, it is infrequent to notice these dogs in public; a country show is a more likely place to observe one. They are, however, slowly growing in popularity as a short-range gun dog. Their incredibly true nature and history of specialised breeding make them a fascinating dog breed.

Korthals griffon gundog stood in grass

CC by Elf

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Country Recipe: Duck Summer Salad

Oh, summer! The evenings are balmy and light, and there is a new spring in our step. However, summer is a busy time for many, and you may find yourself cut short for time when it comes to dinner. The additional heat, while lovely, can sometimes make hot food seem unappealing, which is when the humble salad comes into play. One of the most versatile dishes in the world, not only are salads super healthy, but they are the perfect dish for hot summer evenings. Duck breast served warm to cold, adds a country twist and we’ve included the recipe for our favourite dressing for a final flourish. blue and white bowl with green salad

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Animal Fact File: Exmoor Pony

Name: Exmoor Pony

Scientific Name: Equus ferus caballus

Description: Exmoor ponies are a small breed of pony reaching up to 12.3hh (130cm). They are stocky with a thick neck and short legs, small ears and a unique ‘toad eye’. This is caused by extra fleshiness around the eyelids, which is beneficial to the pony, protecting them from water and providing additional insulation. The ponies are known to be hardy, with their ability to survive the harsh Exmoor winters.

a brown exmoor pony standing on the moor

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Top 8 Gundog Puppy FAQ’s

Owning a dog can be one of life’s greatest pleasures, and, if you’re into shooting, a well-trained gundog is invaluable. Choosing and training a gundog can sometimes be tricky, and it’s always best to start from a young age. While every situation is different, we often get asked the same questions, so we have put together a list of top FAQ’s when it comes to gundog pups.puppy playing in the water

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The Fur Feather and Fin Guide To Fruit Picking

Take a step back in time, and we are all foragers. Before homo sapiens developed farming, all of their food was hunted or foraged, just like other animals. Fast forward twenty thousand years or so, and we no longer have to forage for survival; however, the wild delicacies on which we used to feast are still out there. While gaining popularity in recent years, there is always an abundance of free natural goodness out there. Whether you’ve never laid eyes on a wild gooseberry, or are an accomplished seeker, we’ve put together our very own guide to fruit picking. You can enjoy your foraged fruits fresh as you find them, bake them into a delicious country recipe or use them to make your own cordial, gin or vodka infusions.wild strawberries and flowers on a table

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