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Abandoned baby hedgehogs rescued by wildlife centre

Baby Hedgehogs Abandoned Mother | Wildlife Rescue Centre Somerset Adorable Cute Pictures Huffy Puffy | Fur Feather Fin Country Lifestyle Gifts Two baby hedgehogs have been reared to good heath after being abandoned by their mother and left to fend for themselves. These cute pictures show the prickly creatures, which have been named Huffy and Puffy by their rescuers, being nursed by volunteers at the wildlife centre where they’ve become residents. Huffy and Puffy have been taken in by Secret World Wildlife Rescue Centre in Somerset after the centre received a call from a worried member of the public in June. The caller said they’d seen a mother hedgehog moving her young — but had left two babies behind. Initially the caller was advised to leave the babies be, since mothers will abandon babies when their nest is disturbed or if danger seems imminent. Staff at the centre had hoped the babies’ cries would bring the mother back to the nest, but when it became clear she wouldn’t return staff told the caller to bring in the babies. Both hedgehogs were fed through a syringe once they reached the centre and were then fed every few hours for the next week. More than a month later the hedgehogs aren’t quite as tiny and are on a solid food diet — getting ready to head back to the wild.