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The Best Apps for Nature Lovers

Getting outdoors into nature is something we all love to do, and it can be made a lot easier with an app on your phone. A smartphone with GPS and a quality camera is all you need, and with the apps mentioned below, you can start enjoying the British countryside much more.

Mammal Tracker – Free on iOS and Android

The Mammal Tracker app is an easy way to track and identify the mammals you have seen in your area, and also provides a record of the various populations of mammals in the British Isles. A lot of mammals are under-recorded compared to birds, and this app is a great starting point to change that, whether you are an experienced nature watcher or just getting started. It is simple to use, as you can select the animal, add photos, the location you saw it, the habitat and the number of mammals you saw.

Star Walk 2: Night Sky Map – Free on iOS and Android

For stargazers and astronomers, the Star Walk 2 app is a must-have. It allows you to explore the night sky through your screen – all you need it to turn on the GPS! You can journey through the stars, planets, comets, constellations and more, simply by pointing your device to the sky. You can search for constellations or stars, and the app will tell you what direction to look in and receive notifications for upcoming stargazing events, such as eclipses and meteor showers.

Man using app to identify trees

Tree ID: British Trees – Free on iOS and Android

This tree identifier app from The Woodland Trust provides you with an A-Z guide of British trees in your pocket. You can find trees based on their bark, twigs, fruit, leaves and colour, and by sorting through the features, the app suggests the tree you might be looking at. You can also use it with no internet connection when out and about in the countryside. The app is packed full of information, and you can add trees to your favourites and record trees you’ve found on the map.

Wildlife Trusts’ Nature Finder – Free on iOS and Android

The Wildlife Trusts care for over 2000 wild places around the UK from woods, and moors, to rivers and meadows. You can use their Nature Finder app to find and explore the reserves located near you. The app also provides details on the events the reserves have throughout the year, from training courses to walks, talks and volunteering. You can also use it to confirm sightings of the flora and fauna you may spot, as the reserves will have listings of the animals, birds and plants you are likely to see when you visit.

Blue tit in a garden

Giving Nature a Home – Free on iOS and Android

Using this app from the RSPB, the largest nature conservation charity in the UK, you can help give nature a home in the area you live. There are activities, quizzes and information for building wildlife havens in your garden and you can learn about the various species you are protecting. The app, similar to the RSPB website, also has a bird species identifier, so you can find out what is visiting your garden. This app is very user-friendly, making is a great one to use to get children involved.

Wild Flower Id Automatic Recognition British Isles - £3.99 on iOS, £2.99 on Android

Using photo recognition this app can be used to identify wildflowers when out and about in the British countryside, and there is also a key giving suggestions of what the flower may be based on location, colour and petal shape. Wild Flower ID can keep a log of the flowers you have spotted so that you can build a record of them. The app has been created with the help of ecologists and has been named a top app by the World Wildlife Fund and Countryfile.

Meadow full of yellow and purple wild flowers

Do you have any apps you use when spending outdoors to help you determine what animals, birds and plants you are looking at? We’d love to hear about them over on our social media channels! In the meantime, why not browse our online store for some country gifts or kit yourself out with shooting accessories such as a gun slip and cartridge bag.

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