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The Best Wildlife Sights and Sounds of Summer

A summer full of BBQ’s, sunny days on the beach and warm evening stroll's provide an excellent opportunity to seek out the wonderful sights and sounds that summer brings with it.

From the swallowtail butterfly to the incredible swift, here are just some of the wildlife spectacles to look and listen out for during the warmer months.

Poppy Fields

One of the greatest summer spectacles is the sight of a field bursting with bright red poppies. Poppies flower in the months of June, July and August, so are a sign that summer is here! This beautiful flower can be found around field edges, along road verges and even in some towns and cities. Catching sight of them is sure to brighten up your day.

Field full of red poppies


Swifts migrate to the UK in early May and can spend up to 12 weeks here before flying back to Africa. Spending its entirety on the wing, these are best spotted in the sky, as they only come down to the ground to nest! Listen out for their ‘screaming call’ – a true indicator of swifts flying high above towns and cities.

Flying swift in blue sky background

Beautiful butterflies

Summer is filled with the fluttering of butterflies in gardens and fields, with the UK inhabiting 59 different species! From peacocks to painted ladies, and speckled woods to small tortoiseshells, these are just a few that are sure to end up in your sunny back garden. If you listen closely enough, you can almost hear the gentle fluttering of their wings alongside the pure happiness it brings when you spot one of these little beauties, knowing that summer is finally here.

Black and yellow butterfly resting on pink flowers


Look for bats after the sun sets on a summer evening; they are often found in parks, woodlands, larger gardens and near the coast. They hibernate during the winter months and usually come out in late March or April.  If you’re lucky enough to see one of these agile, flying mammals whizzing around the sky, it is a real pleasure - not to mention the sound of their wings fluttering together.

Flying bat in night sky

Whilst you're heading out during the warmer months to spot some of these terrific sights and sounds, make sure you stay warm with our women’s and men’s country clothing, as it can still get chilly during the summer, especially when the sun goes down!

Be sure to look out for our next instalment in a few months, when we’ll be exploring the best wildlife sights and sounds of autumn (not that we’re wishing our summer away!)