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British Deer Society plays vital role in improving deer management

The British Deer Society (BDS) is well-known for promoting deer welfare and management, whilst also offering courses such as Deer Stalking Certificates 1 and 2. However, one of its lesser-known contributions is the fact it uses money raised by member subscriptions to fund scientific research. The Society aims to spend around 10 per cent of the money raised, which equates to around £25,000 each year on research. The BDS Research Committee oversees research and funding and invites applications for research into any UK related deer topic. Any projects the BDS wants to carry forward can be funded or co-funded. Anyone can apply for anything: from a small amount of money, right up to funding for a PhD, as long as the objectives meet what the BDS is hoping to achieve. The British Deer Society Logo — Fur Feather & Fin The BDS also looks further into other criteria, such as topicality, benefits and academic value. If these criteria are fulfilled, projects are recommended to the Board for approval. Once the research has been funded, the researchers stay in regular contact, providing updates, which may be published in the BDS Deer journal. The BDS has a responsibility to improve standards in deer management, collecting impartial information via scientific research. The Society is now keen to get ideas — which may not be as immediately apparent to the bigger funders - up and running, so that major funders (such as the UK Research Councils) will recognise the importance of such research. Red deer roe running through a field — Fur Feather & Fin The BDS is seeking a fundraiser who can take projects endorsed by the BDS and to look for funding from other organisations. New projects will include researching the impact of increased human access to the countryside on deer habitats and management. By making more funds available, and with work being made more public, the BDS hopes to increase interest and understanding of deer and deer management in the UK, within the scientific world.
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  Photo courtesy of Dr Richard Murray, under Creative Commons Logo courtesy of British Deer Society