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Country Pursuits for the British Winter

While in the midst of winter, when the weather is cold and the evenings dark, it may be tempting to stay tucked up and toasty in the comfort of your home, there are several great activities to enjoy outdoors during these chilly but bright months, especially in the countryside! From foraging for wild winter treasures to wildlife watching with a handy pair of binoculars, discover what country pursuits you could enjoy this winter below:

A person walking on a snowy road in the woods during winter


While many may consider foraging as a summer pursuit, there is still ample opportunity to discover some hidden edible treasures in winter, which, in actual fact, can often be just as fruitful as the warmer months. Venture into the countryside to discover all types of winter greens, from ground elder and garlic mustard to chickweed and hairy bittercress. Mushrooms are also one of the most popular foods that still flourish in winter. However, make sure you identify what type of fungus you’ve picked before eating it as some variations are strictly off the menu! 

Three wild mushrooms growing in long green grass

Salmon Fishing 

October is the final month of the salmon season and often, the most prosperous, with many of these beautiful fish filling the imminently swelling rivers. If you’re a keen fisherman, we recommend heading out before the weather gets too cold for one last fish of the season to bag yourself a catch. However, before finding yourself the perfect spot to perch, be sure to wrap up warm in your country clothing as this will ensure you can remain by the river for as long as possible.

A man sitting in some grass by a river fishing for salmon


Shooting season spans from August to February making this the perfect country pursuit to enjoy all throughout the winter months. Relish traversing the beautiful English countryside on those crisp cold mornings while heading out with your fellow guns to bag yourself some high-quality birds. Whether you are new to shooting or are a seasoned professional, be sure to stock up on all the shooting season essentials to ensure you perform your best! 

A man wearing a tweed cap and jacket holding his gun ready for a day’s shooting


What better way to enjoy the brisk winter weather than sledging? Not only is this nostalgic pursuit great fun for the whole family but it’s also the perfect way to immerse yourself in the countryside on those snowy winter days. Wrap up warm and head to the hills to enjoy a thrilling ride, warming up afterwards back at home with a hot beverage by the fire. You could even take your four-legged friends along too! 

Two children holding hands sledging down a hill in the countryside


Whatever the time of year, walking is one of the most popular country pursuits that can be enjoyed by everyone, wherever you live. Explore winding country roads, inviting public footpaths or take a leisurely wander up the moor – if you’re lucky enough to live by the sea, why not head down to the beach for a brisk stroll? Not only is walking great for your health but it is also one of the easiest ways to get closer to nature and enjoy all that it has to offer, from exquisite scenery to thriving wildlife. Don’t forget your binoculars! 

People walking in the countryside on a cold winter’s day

Wildlife Watching

While many animals head into hibernation for the chilly winter months, much of the UK’s thriving wildlife can still be seen in different locations across the nation, making wildlife watching an excellent activity for both autumn and winter. Witness the loud and bellowing calls of competing stags during the magical autumn deer rut, spot the feeding red squirrels as they scurry up the stark leafless trees, or gaze into the grey winter skies to observe the spectacular starling murmurations. Alternatively, head into the mountains to catch a glimpse of the white mountain hares darting in the undergrowth or grab your binoculars at dusk to enjoy a sighting of a hunting tawny owl. 

A tawny owl in flight hunting for prey in the countryside

What country pursuits do you like to enjoy during the winter time? Let us know by getting in touch on our social media channels. Alternatively, to ensure you’re ready for the cold season, why not browse our extensive range of country clothing and accessories today?