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Family Arts and Crafts to Try this Easter

As well being a traditional time of celebration, Easter is also the perfect occasion to spend some quality time with the family and enjoy some special activities that you seldom would otherwise, especially for those with young children. From cake baking and hat making to bark rubbing an egg painting, here just a few suggestions when it comes to family arts and crafts to try this Easter: 

A selection of brightly coloured eggs laid in a wooden nest on some grass.

Cake Baking

What would Easter be without a little home baking? A great bake to try with children is cupcakes as they can be made using a simple recipe and decorated to suit any occasion. 

Following a standard cupcake recipe, bake your cakes in the oven and then get as creative as you like with both flavour and decorations. Mini eggs, chocolate icing and edible flowers are all popular choices for Easter cakes. However, if your little ones want to put their own stamp on their cakes, feel free to create your own decorations taking inspiration from chickens, flowers and of course, the Easter bunny! 

A selection of handmade cupcakes decorated with iced flowers.

Little Lambs Hats

For children, seeing newly born lambs jumping around the countryside is a sure sign that the Easter holidays have begun! As such, a great little craft project to enjoy with the kids is making little lamb hats that they can wear throughout the holidays.  

To make these cute fluffy hats, you will need an old straw or sun hat, some large bags of cotton wool, a selection of coloured and black card, googly eyes and glue.  

Once you have all of these items, make the lamb’s woolly coat by gluing the cotton wool balls on to the headpiece, placing them close together to form a cloud-like shape.  

Next, cut out the lamb’s head from the piece of black card and stick this on the front of the fluffy headpiece, attached some googly eyes too. Using the rest of the coloured card, cut out some flowers and stick around the base of the hat to represent the pretty meadows that the Easter will be leaping around! 

Two baby lambs grazing on some grass in a field.

Bark Rubbing

Not only is bark rubbing a great activity to uncover the different patterns and textures of several trees close to your home, but it’s also a fantastic way to explore the beautiful countryside during spring. All you need to do is pack some crayons, paper and a few snacks and drinks before heading outdoors to create some wonderfully earthy prints! If they come out well, you could even frame them when you get home and pop them up in your children’s bedroom as a reminder of their outdoor Easter adventure. 

A tree in the middle of the countryside with ridged bark.

Painted Eggs

A classic Easter activity that the whole family can get involved in, no matter how young or old, is egg painting. Get creative with bright colours, beautiful patterns and letter painting as you turn what is normally a plain looking egg into a vibrant work of art! If you’re painting with little ones, however, you may want to give them a helping hand by holding the eggs for them while they paint to ensure none of them are dropped accidentally!

Three painted eggs with white detailing laid on a straw nest.

Carrot Cones

If you’re putting on an Easter egg hunt for your children, the likelihood is that you will include some miniature treats somewhere. As such, a great place for children to store the goodies they have found is in a paper carrot cone!  

All you will need to make these super simple cones is some green and orange paper and felt tip pens.  

Cut your orange paper into a large circle, taking out a triangular section on one side. Roll the circle up into a cone shape, securing one side with glue. 

Next, take your green card and cut it into thin rectangular strips and stick these to the top of your cone. For a finishing touch, use a black or brown felt tip pen to add some earthy squiggles to the outside of your carrot cone.

A bunch of freshly picked carrots with green stems laid on a stone surface.

Flower Pressing

Around Easter time, the countryside is blooming with life, and there is a large array of colourful flowers dotting the hedge ways and hillsides. Consequently, flower picking is a fun activity for families to enjoy and will provide you with something to take home which will brighten up your indoor space as well as help your children learn about different varieties of flora and fauna. As well as popping your freshly picked flowers in vases, you can also experiment with flower pressing, something that the kids are sure to have fun with! 

Wildflowers and grains growing in the countryside in the sunshine during spring.

While these are some suggestions for arts and crafts you and your family can enjoy this Easter, there are plenty more to try! If the weather permits, you could even host a spring garden party – find out how in our guide here. Whatever activities you enjoy this Easter, make sure you have dressed appropriately for the countryside to ensure you can stay out in it for as long as possible! Shop our children’s, women’s and men’s country clothing ranges online today.