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The Fur Feather & Fin Guide to Spring Picnic Essentials

After the gorgeous weather of the Easter bank holiday, people up and down the country will be looking forward to more sunshine for a traditional picnic or barbecue. There is nothing better than heading outdoors to dine al fresco, and it’s handy to know what essentials you will need to make the picnic enjoyable. In the latest edition of our Fur Feather & Fin guides, we are covering the spring picnic essentials.

couple drinking wine on a picnic blanket

Picnic Basket

One of the main items you will need will be a picnic basket. A sturdy item that can carry all the plates, cups, cutlery and food is ideal, and you are sure to find one in lovely wicker. If you are planning an extra fancy picnic or barbecue, you might want to invest in a wine or champagne basket carrier. This will mean you can keep your drinks safe and secure while you travel.


After the picnic basket, you’ll need a cooler. The insulation of a cooler will keep your food cool and fresh for much longer, and a waterproof coating will mean it is suitable for any destination you want to have a picnic. You might find a cooler that doubles up as a picnic basket is convenient too, saving you from carrying several bags to the perfect picnic location!

Cooler bag on a picnic blanket

Picnic Blanket

You’re going to need somewhere to sit on your picnic, and that is why you need a picnic blanket. Opt for ones with a waterproof base that will keep the blanket in good condition for longer, so you can enjoy many years of picnics! We have picnic blankets available to buy at Fur Feather and Fin in various country designs. You may want to have some normal cosy blankets too, in case the weather takes a turn, or you want to extend the picnic or barbecue into the evening!

Reusable Plates and Cups

When eating outdoors it is good to be mindful of the environment, so instead of flimsy plastic or paper plates and cups that will go straight in the bin, why not invest in some reusable crockery? You don’t want to be taking out your best china, but if you have several picnics or barbecues throughout the summer, a reusable set which can be easily cleaned makes a huge difference. Plus, it is much nicer eating off proper crockery! We also suggest getting some reusable carry mugs, so you can have some hot or cold drinks too. 

Bullet flask from Fur Feather & Fin

Reusable Utensils and Cutlery

Along with the reusable plates and cups, why not also add utensils and cutlery? Though it is just as easier bringing yours from home, if a fork goes missing from your set, it can be annoying! Get some reusable utensils for serving out food and cutlery that can be given a wash when you get home and put back into your picnic basket.


It can be uncomfortable sitting on the ground for some people, and so a seat stick, foldable chairs or stools can come in handy. If you are not going too far from the car or just sitting out in the back garden, having a seat stick or chair adds extra comfort for dining al fresco.

Travel Barbecue

Make a picnic even better with a travel barbecue. Firing it up, and grilling some sausages, burgers or veg means you can have a barbecue anywhere. Our travel Kadai fire bowl is suitable for camping, or taking to the beach and can easily fit into a car or camper van.

Travel barbecue grill



Napkins might be considered essential for some, but think twice about bringing wet wipes or paper napkins to an outdoor place. We would recommend getting cloth napkins that can be thrown into the machine and reused again, as well as used at home.

Portable Speakers

Whether it is a romantic picnic for two or a trip out with the whole family, why not take some portable speakers which can be linked with Bluetooth to someone’s phone? Having music, podcast or the radio can make the picnic feel extra special, and provide entertainment when you want a rest after eating!


As well as music for entertainment, why not bring along some games to the picnic or barbecue? A pack of cards, a frisbee or Jenga can make the picnic into a fun, family event and encourage you to go on more picnics when the weather is good throughout the summer!

Do you have any essentials we have missed off this list? We’d love to hear about them! Let us know over our social media channels! In the meantime, why not browse through our picnic, or garden products as you may find something which will make a unique country gift for someone who loves the outdoors!