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The Fur Feather & Fin Guide To Birds & Wildlife

Rare Species of UK Woodland Wildlife – Part Two

There’s no doubt that the UK provides an ideal home for many wildlife species; from thriving heathland and rough moorland to dense forest and coastal havens, there’s plenty of habitats to choose from. However, while some animals can make their homes just about anywhere, others require a more specific environment that caters to several of their needs all at once. Consequently, in the second instalment of our rare species of woodland UK wildlife blog series, we take a look at five more endangered species that can be found in the nation’s woodlands and what attracts them to these clearly fruitful areas:

A view looking up into the trees to see green leaves and blue sky.

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Rare Species of UK Woodland Wildlife – Part One

The UK is home to an extensive array of wildlife. However, while some species are widespread and can be easily spotted almost anywhere in the country, others are not so frequent and are often only visible if you know where to look. Sadly, this is the result of dwindling populations, meaning some animals are not only rare to spot but almost on the brink of extinction. However, for many of these species, the nation’s woodlands provide a welcome home and cater to the needs of all kinds of animals from furry mammals to tiny insects, all helping to keep their habitat alive. To help you catch a glimpse of some of them, we’ve put together a list of just some of the rare species of UK woodland wildlife over a two-part blog series. Discover just five to look out for in part one below:

The sun shining through some woodland into bluebells

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10 Facts About British Birds

Birds are the most commonly sighted of all British wildlife, from the feral pigeons in towns and cities, gulls on the coast and various birds which visit our gardens. There are some beautiful wild birds found across the British countryside and if you want to learn some interesting tidbits about the native species, read on for some facts about British birds.

Blackbird sitting on a blueberry bush

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Animal Fact File: Woodcock

Name: Eurasian woodcock

Scientific Name: Scolopax rusticola

Description: The Eurasian woodcock is a large, bulky, wading bird with a long, straight tapered bill that is found in temperate and subarctic Eurasia. There are both resident and migratory woodcocks in the UK, with 55,241 resident breeding pairs and 1.4 million wintering birds. 

Eurasian woodcock standing near water in a wood

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The Six UK Deer Species - Sika

There are six species of deer which live wild in Britain. Red and roe deer are truly indigenous, with fallow deer being introduced by the Normans and the Asiatic species of muntjac, Chinese water deer and sika being introduced in the 19th and 20th centuries. Read on to learn more about the sika deer; how they came to be in Britain, how to identify them and the best places to see them.

A sika deer with antlers showing its summer coat

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Guide to British Wildlife: Bats - Part 2

In our newest guide to native British wildlife, we are looking at more of the country’s resident bats, the only flying mammal in the world. There are 17 species of bat which are known to breed in Britain, counting for almost a quarter of the country’s native mammals. There are over 1,300 species of bat found across the world, with more being discovered nearly every year. Be sure to read part one of our guide to bats.

Common pipistrelle in flight

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How to Help Birds Survive in Winter

There’s nothing more beautiful than catching sight of a bird in the winter time. Whether it’s the vibrant red breast of a robin or the blue and yellow plumage of a blue tit, watching these vibrant birds dart across the snow is truly magical. However, while we may enjoy a winter bird sighting, the colder months are tough for many species, making survival a challenge. But, as humans and birdlovers, there are some vital things we can do to help our feathered friends get through winter:

A goldfinch perched on a branch in winter.

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Animal Fact File: Robin

Name: Robin

Scientific Name: Erithacus rubecula

Description: Often considered to be Britain’s favourite bird, the instantly recognisable European robin, robin redbreast or simply robin, is a familiar sight throughout the year, particularly in winter. There are estimated to be 6,700,000 breeding robin territories in the UK.

A robin sitting on a tree in winter

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