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The Fur Feather & Fin Guide To Birds & Wildlife

Animal Fact File: Woodpecker

Name: Woodpecker

Scientific Name: Picidae

Description: Found throughout the UK in forests and woodlands, they are small with bold pattern, a round head, chisel-like bill and a stiff tail.

Species: Woodpeckers are part of the family Picidae, closely related birds from this family include wrynecks and sapsuckers. There are three species found in the UK, great spotted woodpecker (Dendrocopos major), green woodpecker (Picus viridis) and lesser spotted woodpecker (Dendrocopos minor).

Woodpecker bird black white and red perched on a tree

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Guide to British Wildlife: Bats - Part 2

In our newest guide to native British wildlife, we are looking at more of the country’s resident bats, the only flying mammal in the world. There are 17 species of bat which are known to breed in Britain, counting for almost a quarter of the country’s native mammals. There are over 1,300 species of bat found across the world, with more being discovered nearly every year. Be sure to read part one of our guide to bats.

Common pipistrelle in flight

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Learn More About Britain’s Birds of Prey

Birds of prey have impressive aerial skills and a hunting instinct which make them the lords of the skies, but do you know the difference between the raptors found across Britain? These birds have much better vision than ours; powerful talons to catch and kill prey, and a hooked beak perfect for tearing the flesh of their victims and eating. Raptors are remarkable predators, and their numbers are once again on the rise.

Use birdwatching binoculars when looking for birds of prey

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