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The Fur Feather & Fin Guide To Gundogs

Training Tips for Gundog Puppies

Some gundogs are more suited to certain jobs on the shooting field compared to others, though the majority of us need a dog capable of various tasks. When it comes to training your puppy for the field, it helps to have an idea of the tasks you will want it to perform, but you shouldn’t start on a strict training programme right away. Focus on the basics and keeping them doing the right thing.

Puppy running over grass

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Guide to Jack Russell Terrier Gundogs

Jack Russell terriers are an energetic breed of a hunting type dog. They may be small compared to the usual medium sized gundogs seen on the field, but they make their presence known. While there is no denying the popularity of breeds like spaniels and Labradors have their merit, considering a Jack Russell terrier to have on the peg is also worthwhile. 

A Jack Russell standing a green field during a walk.

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Seven Famous Jack Russells and Their Owners

Although they were first bred little more than 200 years ago, today, Jack Russells are one of the most popular terrier breeds not only in the United Kingdom but also, amongst the famous. Over the years, these characterful canines have been immortalised as a feisty yet faithful companion through film, TV, art and record books, making the breed one of the most loved of all time. While Jack Russells may be considered more like pets than gundogs, here at Fur Feather and Fin, we share the nation’s love of these playful pooches. Consequently, we wanted to share just seven of the most famous Jack Russells and their owners with you: 

A black and white Jack Russell sitting on some grass

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How to Prevent Gundog Theft

Dog theft is a problem for owners of all breeds and gundogs are seen as a particular risk as they are well-trained, obedient and often pedigree. The gundog breeds most commonly stolen tend to be cocker and springer spaniels and Labradors, with the south-west and south-east England as hotspots, particularly in rural areas.

Puppy with collar on

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Guide to Golden Retriever Gundogs

The golden retriever is a popular breed that has been bred as gun dogs to retrieve waterfowl and upland game, yet they are not seen on the field as much as Labrador retrievers. A relatively new breed compared to the Labrador, only being registered separately in 1920, golden retrievers have an easy temperament, which has also made them popular as disability assistance dogs for blind and deaf people. Their trainability has also meant golden retrievers are often used as detection dogs and for search and rescue.

A golden retriever looking at the camera

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Guide to Spaniel Gundogs

Spaniel breeds are often considered to be one of the best for gundogs due to their natural hunting and retrieving instincts. With lively and energetic temperaments they are perfect as working dogs, and also make great pets, though can be a handful when not adequately trained. In our guide to spaniels, we will shed some light on the breeds, requirements and why spaniels are the right choice for your gundog needs.

A springer spaniel standing on grass

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Expert Blog: Gundog Nutrition

Keeping your gundog well-nourished is incredibly important, especially in the run-up to shooting season when they need to be at their best. However, due to the huge range of dog food brands and types to choose from, it can often be difficult to decipher which is the best option for your dog. To help you make the right decision, we’ve enlisted the help of gundog and shooting expert, Richard Reeve, who has provided a basic guide to arm you with all the information needed to ensure your gundog receives the best possible nourishment. 

A black spaniel holding a pheasant in its mouth

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Guide to German Shorthaired Pointer Gundogs

One of the most popular hunt point and retrieve (HPR) gundog breeds, the German Shorthaired Pointer, is the perfect example of an all-rounder: excellent on point, a soft-mouthed retriever and thorough when searching for game. Their shape, size and coat make them a wonderful choice for a gundog, and they are also an excellent companion dog for an outdoorsy and active family.

German Shorthaired Pointer gundog

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