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The Fur Feather & Fin Guide To Home & Garden

Country Recipe: Duck Summer Salad

Oh, summer! The evenings are balmy and light, and there is a new spring in our step. However, summer is a busy time for many, and you may find yourself cut short for time when it comes to dinner. The additional heat, while lovely, can sometimes make hot food seem unappealing, which is when the humble salad comes into play. One of the most versatile dishes in the world, not only are salads super healthy, but they are the perfect dish for hot summer evenings. Duck breast served warm to cold, adds a country twist and we’ve included the recipe for our favourite dressing for a final flourish. blue and white bowl with green salad

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6 Ways to Attract Bees to Your Garden

A good garden is a delight to many, whether you enjoy colourful flowers, scrumptious home grown vegetables, organised chaos or a combination of the three. While there are many ways to maintain and manage your garden or allotment, some things will always remain a necessity. All plants require water, nutrients and light, but if you want your garden to produce plentiful crops and your plants to reproduce for the following year, you must also consider pollination an essential. Bees are one of our most important pollinators. We explain a little more about why they are so important, and ways in which you can look after and entice these furry little flyers.Bee on yellow and green flowers

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Family Arts and Crafts to Try this Easter

As well being a traditional time of celebration, Easter is also the perfect occasion to spend some quality time with the family and enjoy some special activities that you seldom would otherwise, especially for those with young children. From cake baking and hat making to bark rubbing an egg painting, here just a few suggestions when it comes to family arts and crafts to try this Easter: 

A selection of brightly coloured eggs laid in a wooden nest on some grass.

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7 Must-Have Accessories for Country Homes this Spring

Spring has almost sprung and for many, the change in season presents the perfect opportunity to not only give your home a much-needed spring clean but make some decorative alterations inspired by the change in scenery. In springtime, the countryside, in particular, comes alive with an array of flora and fauna and many wildlife species thrive as the weather grows warmer, and their natural habitats begin to flourish. To help you bring a touch of this vibrant season to your home, we’ve listed seven must-have accessories four country homes this spring:

A windowsill with two white vases of flowers and a white teapot on it.

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Make Your Garden More Wildlife Friendly this Year

Looking after our gardens really matter, and with an estimated 16 million gardens in the UK, together they form a refuge for species declining in the wild. Make this year the one to change your garden to be more wildlife friendly, and follow these tips to transform your garden space, whether it’s a small one or a couple of acres, into a haven for the best UK wildlife. 

transform your garden to be wildlife friendly this year

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Country Gifts for Her this Christmas

With Christmas on the horizon, many of you will now be starting your Christmas shopping or at least thinking about the kinds of gifts you could bestow on your loved ones this festive season. While our Country Gifts for Him Christmas guide may have given you a few ideas for gents, you may still be stuck for inspiration when it comes to the ladies. Whether it’s your mum, daughter, wife, sister or a friend, we’ve listed just a few gift ideas for the country-loving ladies in your life, from ladies country clothing to home accessories: 

A present wrapped in which paper with a garnished with greenery and a pinecone

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