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The Fur Feather & Fin Guide To Outdoor Activities

Top 8 Walking Apps

The UK is home to some beautiful countryside and coastline and one of the best ways to explore it is walking or hiking. Modern technology has also helped make access to the most remote areas easier with apps where you can download Ordnance Survey maps as opposed to carrying a bulky map with you. If you enjoy going out walking in your local area or to specific destinations, take a look below at some of our app recommendations.

Woman looking at GPS walking app on a smartphone

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The Fur Feather and Fin Guide to Spring

Spring is on the horizon, and here at Fur Feather and Fin, we cannot wait to enjoy some warm weather and sit back and watch as the countryside bursts into bloom! To ensure you make the most of this vibrant season, we’ve put together our very own guide to spring which includes all the relevant information you’ll need including when spring starts and ends, what wildlife to look out for, the various activities and events you can enjoy, and the best foods to forage!

Yellow daffodils growing wild in the British countryside during spring.

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All About: Barbour International

At Fur Feather & Fin we stock a variety of iconic country clothing brands. One of the most well-known British brands, Barbour, and how they came to be one of the most famous manufacturers of coats and jackets in the world. Please note, we do not stock Barbour clothes, but have a variety of country clothing and accessories from top brands: take a look here.

Macro shot of Barbour jacket showing the Barbour logo

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Wildflowers You’ll Find in Woodlands This Spring and Summer

Wildflowers are an essential part of a woodland’s ecosystem. In the UK, wildflowers emerge earlier in the year before the trees have a full covering of leaves and block most of the light to the woodland floor. In spring and summer, British woodlands are a delight to see, due to the spectacular displays of flowers, from carpets of bluebells to bright bursts of foxgloves and wood anemones.

Close view of bluebells surrounded by green leaves

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8 Country Accounts to Follow on Instagram

There’s no denying that country living always looks like an enjoyable and relaxing lifestyle and at Fur Feather and Fin, we couldn’t agree more. But nowhere is this more evident than Instagram, one of the most current and popular platforms where country lovers go to seek inspiration. Whether you’re in search of stylish country clothing or want to know more about British wildlife, these eight country accounts are sure to ignite your love of country living:

A phone showing the Instagram app on a green background.

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Country Pursuits for the British Winter

While in the midst of winter, when the weather is cold and the evenings dark, it may be tempting to stay tucked up and toasty in the comfort of your home, there are several great activities to enjoy outdoors during these chilly but bright months, especially in the countryside! From foraging for wild winter treasures to wildlife watching with a handy pair of binoculars, discover what country pursuits you could enjoy this winter below:

A person walking on a snowy road in the woods during winter

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The Best Ways to Explore the British Countryside

The British countryside is a varied landscape, with mountains, woods, moors and rivers making it a wonderful place to explore. There is wildlife to spot, gamebirds to hunt and tranquillity you will only find away from towns and cities. There are lots of ways to explore the countryside that will give you a better appreciation of the area around you. Read on to find out and see which one best suits you!

View of the British countryside

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