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The Fur Feather & Fin Guide To Shooting

Top 6 Gun Maintenance FAQs

Maintaining your shotgun is always important, especially in the off-season when it can be locked away for months on end without being used. Not only will regularly caring for your gun help to keep in it pristine condition but it will also ensure that no damage is being done while you are storing it away. Below, we have provided answers to our top six gun maintenance FAQs to help you maintain your most vital piece of shooting equipment: 

A person holding a loaded shotgun while standing on a paved area.

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The History of Tweed: Function and Fashion

Tweed is often considered the closest thing we have to British national dress; it is the cloth of royalty, deerstalking, fly-fishing, academics and fictional detectives. Following the path tweed has forged leads us to an interesting history entwined with class, gender and fashion from the 19th-century to the present day. Today we’re delving into the history of tweed and exploring its life from function to fashion.

a selection of tweed jackets

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Shooting Season Essentials

The summer so far has been truly sublime, with the sunshine bringing us unusually warm weather, which has meant that the months between one shooting season and another have simply flown! Now with just weeks left to wait until The Glorious Twelfth, it’s time to start thinking about the new season ahead. If you’re getting your kit together in preparation, we’ve put together a list of shooting season essentials to ensure you’re completely ready to head out in August! 

A selection of Fur Feather and Fin gunslips & cartridge bags

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What to Wear When Shooting

For those who are new to the wonderful world of shooting, one of the first questions to cross your mind is often “what will I wear to the shooting range?” The etiquette and style that comes along with this country sport offers up certain rules and suggestions in what to wear to ensure that your clothing aids you in bettering your skills – rather than being a restriction, and to ensure that, of course, all safety guidelines are met. Our guide is here to help you equip yourself with the best shooting clothing to wear both on a shooting range and whilst clay pigeon shooting from head to toe so that you get off to a good start! 

man dressed in suitable shooting clothing for a game shoot

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IWA Outdoors Classics 2019: All You Need to Know

The IWA Outdoor Classics event started yesterday in Nuremberg, Germany, and is a trade fair for hunting, shooting sports, outdoor pursuits and security. ‘IWA’ stands for Internationale Waffen Ausstellung (International Weapons Exhibition), and the event runs 8th to 11th March. The weekend event is a highlight in the hunting world with a lot of exciting new products, trends and more to be revealed.

Close up of rifle scope

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What to Wear Clay Pigeon Shooting

For those who are new to the sport of clay pigeon shooting, there can be a lot to learn in terms of etiquette, clothing and safety. Here at Fur Feather and Fin, we cover a wide range of shooting topics in our blog to help you get started. Today we’re sharing some advice on clay pigeon shooting clothing, helping you to get to grips with the terminology, shooting accessories and essential items that you’ll need to know about. 

A man wearing his shooting clothing and accessories

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Shotgun Cartridges Explained

Do you know what length your chamber is? Do you know if you need a “28 gram, 6, Fibre” or a “36 gram, 4, Plastic”? If the answers were “no” then read on, as this article will explain the jargon! A basic understanding of shotgun cartridges is essential to anyone involved in shooting, and will certainly help to improve your performance in the field. Knowing which kind of cartridge to select for each scenario is a necessity for those in the shooting community, so we’ve got an introductory guide today to explain the basics:

a selection of shotgun cartridges

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