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Gun Slip Buyers Guide

When you purchase a gun it is an investment, of both your money and your time.  You are spending money to purchase the gun and you will spend money to enjoy it as well, by way of other shooting accessories, ammunition, etc.  Additionally, you are investing your time in a hobby/sport that may become, or already is, an important part of your lifestyle.  So, just like any other investment you make you should protect it, which means it’s important to do your research to ensure you are selecting a gun slip that meets your needs, budget and personal preferences. 

This Gun Slip buyers guide will help you identify, and evaluate, the various factors to take into consideration before you make your purchase.

Compton Gun Slip


Factors to take into consideration when selecting a gun slip for your shotgun or rifle:

First, let’s look at the primary reasons why you need a gun slip for your shotgun and/or rifle...

1.  Transport your gun safely & securely

2.  Protect your gun from damage

3.  Protect your gun from the elements/weather

Technical elements that need to be considered:

1.  The size & type of gun

  • Length or your gun will determine the length of the gun slip you need.
  • If it’s a shotgun is it an over/under or side-by-side?
  • If it’s a rifle does it have a scope?For example if you have a heavier gun or will be transporting more than one with a double gun slip you may want to make sure the shoulder strap has padding.

2.  Weight of the gun and the weight of the gun slip

  • For example if you have a heavier gun or will be transporting more than one with a double gun slip you may want to make sure the shoulder strap has padding. 

    Charlton Leather Double Gun Slip

  • The weight of the gun slip itself will also vary depending on the materials it’s made from. 

Gun Slip Purpose – will it be used for the field or travel?  Or both?

  • Practicality & Durability – Will it withstand its purpose?
    • Will it be comfortable to carry?  If you will be carrying it for long periods of time make sure you find the handle and strap are comfortable.
    • For travel you will probably want to prioritise protection ensuring it has a quality lining to cushion your gun and is made from a durable material.
    • For the field you will probably want to prioritise ‘ease of use’ and gun accessibility.

Style & Personal preference to take into account:

1.  Material

    • Leather - heavier, harder wearing, more expensive
    • Canvas - lightweight and less expensive, more colour and pattern options  

Windsor Leather Gun Slip

2.  Lining – Unlined gun slips are less bulky (and some even roll/fold) but they don’t provide as much protection.  As a general rule, the thicker the lining the better the protection but it will obviously ‘bulk’ the gun slip out more as well.

Charlton Leather Gun Slip

3.  Closure – Typically, you have the choice of two closure styles – a full zip or a flap with a buckle.  [show Treyford full zip vs Sandrigham flap]

Treyford Leather Gun Slip

4.  Shape – Gun slip shapes can vary a lot – some styles have straighter lines while some have more curves.

And lastly, there is Cost….while this may be the most important factor for some people, it should be weighed evenly with providing adequate protection for your gun.  If you buy a poor quality gun slip and your gun gets damaged it will probably end up costing more than if you just bought a good quality gun slip to begin with.