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New & Exciting products from Fur Feather & Fin

Always on the lookout for new and exciting country gifts, we at Fur Feather and Fin have put together a selection of our new products that we are most excited about. Explaining a bit more about the fun gadgets and useful presents we hope to give you a unique gift for every occasion, or a sneaky little treat for yourself!



A handy gadget that lives in the freezer the corckcicle keeps your wine chilled without the mess of a bucket or hassle of ice. Simply pop in the top of your bottle of wine and the innovative design chills the wine from the inside out. Keeping your wine at a constant temperature the corckcicle is made from a frozen BPA free plastic and contains a non-toxic, proprietary freeze gel inside, similar to that you would find in cool bags or lunchbox coolers. The temperature of wine can greatly affect its quality and flavour, with an ice bucket creating a too harshly cold wine and chilled wine easily warming to room temperature. The corckcicle can also be used on red wines with fruity reds such as Beaujolais's and young Spanish vintages best served at a slightly chilled temperature simply pop the corckcicle in the bottle for around 15 minutes to achieve the perfect temperature. A great present for wine loves we don't expect these to stay in our warehouse for very long, because who doesn't love a nice chilled glass of Chablis after a hard days hunting? CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOURS NOW Order Corkcicle Now From Fur Feather and Fin

Panama Hat

 Superfine Pre-set Folder Panama Hat from Fur Feather and FinThe panama hat was made famous by King George and has a rather fascinating history. Designed so that it can be packed away in a suitcase or rolled into a Christie's tube the hat will pop back into shape no matter how tightly squished it is in your luggage! Our hats are made by Christys' of London who have manufactured the hat since 1773. Their traditional English design has been worn by nine reigns of British royals starting with King George III and they are the only company to still make panama hats in the traditional way using hatting skills established over 200 years ago. The style of the hat holds its origins in Ecuador where it was originally made from plaited leaves of the toquilla straw plant. As the hat gained popularity in the early 20th century it became a must have accessory for summers in Brighton and exotic trips to the Caribbean. The quality of a panama hat was judged by how many weaves could be woven per square inch and it was thought amongst the Ecudorian hatmakers that a panama hat of true quality would be able to hold water and be able to pass through a wedding ring when rolled up. Though we cannot promise you that our panama hats will double as an excellent water dog bowl, we can assure you that you will be purchasing a real part of the British Empire's history with hats that are still woven from 100% panama straw from Ecuador. CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOURS NOW Order Corkcicle Now From Fur Feather and Fin

Cartridge Collector Grip Seat

The Cartridge Collector Gripstick from Fur Feather and FinAvoid muddy knees and achy feet with our handy cartridge collector grip seat. Combing a strong magnetic stick which picks up your spent cartridges with a handy seat you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. Comfortable and practical it is a great present for any hunting enthusiast. Keeping the countryside clean the magnetic can easily hold up to 50 cartridges at a time saving any sore backs. The handy handle is shaped out of the seat ensuring a comfortable walking stick and a slick design. The stick is fully adjustable up to 100cm and the seat has eight adjustable seat positions to suit any tired walkers bottom! CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOURS NOW Order Corkcicle Now From Fur Feather and Fin