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National Farmers’ Union welcomes “stable government”

The National Farmers’ Union has welcomed the introduction of a “stable government” to the United Kingdom, thanks to policies agreeing with its own. Part of the new Government’s plans is to set new goals for British farming, with initiatives to buy, grow and sell more British food both locally and abroad, which coincides with the strategy of the NFU. Combine Harvester working in a field — Fur Feather & Fin The National Farmers’ Union already had plans set in place to take a potential Labour government to court over its plans to scrap the badger cull and is now urging the Conservative Government to make an announcement as soon as possible on the expansion of the badger cull to areas where TB is widespread. Areas where the cull is likely to be introduced first include North Devon and West Dorset. The badger cull is likely to face stiff objection, with the leader of the anti-culling agency, Badger Trust, stating that it will continue to challenge the impending movement. The Countryside Alliance will also be making sure the Prime Minister keeps his promise to allow a free House of Commons vote on repealing the 2004 Hunting Act. Prime Minister David Cameron had already made a promise on a free vote on repealing the hunting ban after the election in 2010. Part of his campaign this year was to make the promise again and he did so in an attempt to win over rural voters by publishing an article in the Countryside Alliance’s spring magazine. British Farm produce displayed in a shop — Fur Feather & Fin The Countryside Alliance has also stated that there will be a push on priorities such as wildlife management and food and farming, when it goes to parliament, as a way of speaking up for its members.
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  Photos courtesy of B4bees & Jonathan Billinger, under Creative Commons