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Open your eyes to the latest expert advice on shooting technique

For many, many years, we have been taught and trained to believe that shooting with only one eye open is the best way to hit the target. Usually the dominant eye is chosen to give you the most accurate view, or so we have been told, but the experts are now advising that we need to stop the ‘army of cyclopses’ in order to better our shooting technique. shooting season in the field with men equipped with their leather gunslips The magazine, Country Life, recently announced that they had found a new orthodoxy which proved that you should not be shooting with just one eye open, but with two. Noting that there is a reason we have two eyes, and use these both to see in normal circumstances, so it makes sense that we should utilise the full potential of our eyesight when shooting. Shutting one eye can cause parts of your brain to effectively fall into a sleep mode, negatively impacting your visual acuity, depth perception and spatial orientation as well as balance. These are all important features of our eyesight that are vital, especially when operating a firearm. “If you close an eye, you shut down the computer in your brain and lose your triangular vision, you can’t compute how far away the bird is and how fast it’s going. With an eye closed, you’re only guessing at the gap in front of the bird,” commented Nick Penn. Dylan Willams of the Royal Berkshire Shooting School added that the figures of shooting with one eye open lead to about a 70-80% accuracy score, however, with both eyes, you have the potential to shoot at 100%. Get your shooting technique right this season and fulfil your potential - be prepared with your leather gunslips and shooting gloves to get out and enjoy the great outdoors whilst bettering your shooting skills with this revelation!