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Pheasant shoot gun row finally resolved

A number of Americans will be returning to take part in pheasant shoots in Shropshire, after a row surrounding the importation of their guns through Birmingham Airport has been resolved. The annual VIP trip sees around 30 Americans heading to a number of estates in Shropshire, including Hatton Grange, where they take part in pheasant and partridge shoots. Common pheasant standing in grass The US visitors spend up to £10,000 per person on bringing their own equipment and each event sees around £200,000 being driven into the local community, meaning these shoots are extremely beneficial to the rural economy. However, this year’s event nearly had to be cancelled, as United Airlines had not received clearance from the Home Office to transport the weapons and the guns would not therefore be allowed on the flight and into Birmingham Airport. Group of men going shooting with dogs Thankfully, after much deliberation, United Airlines reversed its decision and is allowing the firearms to be carried in checked baggage, meaning the event can go ahead as planned. Currently, the Civil Aviation Authority allows sporting guns to be carried on planes as long as they are unloaded, but the final decision lies with the airline. United Airlines’ current rules allow one item of shooting equipment per customer as checked baggage. The VIP tours have been running since 2001 and claim to be the “ultimate shooting party”, which would explain why it is so popular amongst those looking to shoot game in Britain.
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  Photos courtesy of Pixabay & Ulrich Prokop, under Creative Commons