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7 Must-Have Accessories for Country Homes this Spring

Spring has almost sprung and for many, the change in season presents the perfect opportunity to not only give your home a much-needed spring clean but make some decorative alterations inspired by the change in scenery. In springtime, the countryside, in particular, comes alive with an array of flora and fauna and many wildlife species thrive as the weather grows warmer, and their natural habitats begin to flourish. To help you bring a touch of this vibrant season to your home, we’ve listed seven must-have accessories four country homes this spring:

A windowsill with two white vases of flowers and a white teapot on it.

Majestic Stag Jug, £26.00

As well as being one of the most magnificent animals to roam the British countryside, stags have also been a popular feature of country homes for the last few years. As such, this Majestic Stag Jug will make the perfect addition to your home this spring, adding a touch of elegance to your breakfast table or housing some beautiful fresh spring flowers on your window sill. Whatever its usage, the jug’s artwork is sure to impress and will make a statement in any country home! 

The Majestic Stag Jug placed on a wooden surface.

Wrendale Herb Pots and Tray Set, £20.00

Spring is a time when new life flourishes and nature begins to blossom. Consequently, not only should you prepare your garden for this wonderful season but you should also consider bringing plant life into your home to give it that feeling of freshness and rejuvenation. A great way to do this is by starting your very own herb garden where you can grow your favourite herbs and watch them bloom before using them to cook up some delicious delicacies in the kitchen! The Wrendale Herb Pots and Tray Set will house a selection of herbs and can be placed on the kitchen window sill to bring the outside in. 

Three different herbs being grown in the Wrendale Herb Pots and Tray Set.

Country Cushion Meadow Rabbit, £38

Fresh meadows teeming with plants and wildlife are a common sight in springtime when the sun is shining, and the days grow longer and lighter. If you want to bring those familiar countryside scenes into your home, why not opt for the Country Cushion Meadow Rabbit? Not only does this beautiful cushion feature detailed illustrations on both the front and reverse meaning it can be displayed in two different ways, but with four designs available, there’s plenty to choose from! Place in your bedroom, living room or kitchen to create comfort and style. 

Country Cushion Meadow Rabbit featuring a beautiful illustration.

Garden Birds Coasters Set 6, £29.99

If you’re a bird-lover, you’ll no doubt want to focus on making your garden more wildlife friendly this year to attract these chirpy feathered visitors. However, catching a glimpse of these fleeting birds can at times be tricky, especially with spring being many species’ mating season. Consequently, having these beautiful Garden Bird Coasters placed on tables and surfaces around your home will always ensure you can enjoy a close-up view of some of your favourite garden bird species!

A selection of Garden Birds Coasters scattered on a white surface.

From the Field Tapestry Umbrella Stand, £125.00

After coming in from those drizzly April showers, you’ll need somewhere to place your damp umbrella. The From the Field Tapestry Umbrella Stand is not only practical in that it boasts a slim and sophisticated design that will fit snuggly into any hallway or porch, but it is also lined with a stunning linen tapestry that features stags, pheasants, foxes and hares, and along with a black finish interior. Add a touch of style to your home with this classic country umbrella stand! 

From the Field Tapestry Umbrella Stand holding an umbrella and a walking stick.

Wrendale Pheasant Gift Set, £19.99

While the game shooting season may be over, pheasants are still a common sight to see while outdoors in the country during spring. Being part and parcel of country living, why not bring these popular game birds into your home with the Wrendale Pheasant Gift Set? Including a soft tea towel and a sturdy pair of oven gloves, this matching set will bring a touch of countryside humour to your kitchen and both items are machine washable too! To find out more about pheasants, check out our animal fact file here

The tea towel and oven gloves from Wrendale Pheasant Gift Set hanging off of a cupboard and over handle.

Scented Bliss Candle Hare, £14.50

Candles are a fantastic accessory for bringing those wonderful floral scents of spring indoors for you to enjoy in the heart of your home. As well as featuring a reusable tin dotted with stunning little hare illustrations, the Hare Scented Bliss Candle omits a gorgeously sweet scent with hints of Jasmine and white florals resting on a vanilla and cedarwood base, a delightful aroma for springtime! 

The Scented Bliss Candle Hare in front of some garden greenery.

While these are seven of our must-have accessories for country homes this spring, there’s plenty more to add to your collection here at Fur Feather and Fin. Visit our website today to browse our full range of home and garden products, along with our fantastic selection of pheasant gifts, country clothing and much more, or get in touch on our social media channels to tell us what additions you’ll be adding to your home this spring!