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Shooting Season Essentials

The summer so far has been truly sublime, with the sunshine bringing us unusually warm weather, which has meant that the months between one shooting season and another have simply flown! Now with just weeks left to wait until The Glorious Twelfth, it’s time to start thinking about the new season ahead. If you’re getting your kit together in preparation, we’ve put together a list of shooting season essentials to ensure you’re completely ready to head out in August! 

A selection of Fur Feather and Fin gunslips & cartridge bags

Shooting Clothing 

Experienced guns will know what is needed for a day out on a shoot, but if you’re somewhat of a beginner, then our ‘What to Wear Shooting’ guide will provide all the information you’ll need. From finding the best shooting jacket to ensuring you’re equipped with the correct footwear, our blog offers advice on a plethora of topics to get you ready. The essentials from head to toe are as follows: 

-       A hat 

A hat is particularly essential for cold weather conditions but is a formal etiquette requirement for many shoots.

-       Neck warmer/scarf 

Again, a neck warmer is more important during the colder months of the year to stop your body from having to use as much energy on keeping you warm. 

-       Shooting shirt 

Shooting shirts come in a variety of designs and need to be comfortable, not restricting your movement in any way. Take a look at our range of shooting shirts today! 

Man in shooting shirt and tie

-       Shooting vest/waistcoat (if the occasion is appropriate) 

On formal shoots, waistcoats are often a part of the dress code. However, on other occasions where a waistcoat isn’t essential, you may prefer to opt for a shooting vest, offering padding and protection from the kickback of your shotgun. 

-       Shooting Jacket 

A quality shooting jacket is potentially one of the most important pieces of kit, and are worth investing in. You’ll need something warm, waterproof, this is comfortable with practical pockets and offers you ease of movement. Check out our selection of the best shooting jackets 2018 to find the perfect fit! 

-       Gloves/wrist warmers 

During shooting, your hands are often readily exposed to the elements, and protection is necessary. Invest in a specialist pair of shooting gloves to ensure that they do not impede your shot.  

Woman wearing blue wrist warmers

-       Trousers/Breeks 

The trousers of choice may depend on both the occasion and weather conditions, with waterproofs needed on occasion.  

-       Shooting Socks & Garters 

We offer a wide range of shooting socks and garters, providing warmth and comfort on your favourite country pursuits! 

-       Suitable footwear 

Hard-wearing shoes and boots are an essential part of your shooting kit. These will often be required to provide ankle support, be waterproof and plenty of grip as you’ll be venturing out into some difficult terrain on occasion. 

Man zipping up his wellington boot

Shooting Accessories 

Aside from the clothing you’ll need to keep protect yourself from the elements; there are a number of accessories you’ll need. Some of these are absolute essentials, while others will depend on your personal preferences. 

-       Gunslip

It is essential that your gun is carried safely at all times, and this means that it should always be transported in a gunslip. Here at Fur Feather and Fin, we offer a selection of beautifully handcrafted gunslips for men and woman. Many of these are also available with personalisation to ensure you’re kitted out to perfection. 

-       Cartridge Bag/Box 

A cartridge bag is, unsurprisingly, where you’ll store your cartridges. There are several different styles of bag available, depending on your preference, and are made from materials such as leather, canvas and tweed. We offer a range of cartridge bags that match our gunslips to complete your kit! 

-       Cartridge Belt

A cartridge belt is another way to store your ammunition, available in a selection of bores and waist sizes. 

FFF cartridge bag

-       Ear Defenders 

The constant sound of shots will be damaging to your ears if you do not wear adequate ear defenders. We recommend investing in a pair of electronic hearing protectors to look after your ear health. 

-       Eye Protection

With shots flying, there is always a risk of shards of clays or other debris falling into your eyes. That’s why eye protection is needed as a safety measures; these are also available with a filtered lens for the brighter days! 

-       Game Bag/Game Safe 

The game bag or game safe will be used to store the birds from the shoot before being split at the end of the event. 

-       Gun Cleaning Kit

If you want your gun to last, then investing in a good-quality cleaning kit is a must. Your gun should be gently cleaned after every use, and deep cleaned on occasion also. 

What are your shooting essentials? We’d love to hear from you via our social media channels! In the meantime, take a look at our blogs on the shooting season and our guide on applying for a firearms licence