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Shooting voted the third most popular recreational activity in National Parks survey

A survey held recently revealed an incredible amount of support for recreational activities such as shooting and walking. The Campaign for National Parks survey was made up of a list of 23 different activities, and each were voted for by those living and working both inside and outside of one of the 15 National Park Areas in the UK. Mens shooting jackets for partridge shooting season The first category included in the survey were those who lived and worked within the National Parks, who voted shooting as their third favourite recreational activity, whilst walking and observing wildlife took the top two spots. The second category addressed those who live and work outside of National Parks, and the survey revealed that they also voted walking as their top activity, whilst shooting was in a close second place. “It is great that shooting is so popular within National Parks, both with residents and visitors, because we know that wherever game shooting is popular it brings jobs, investment, beautiful landscapes and conservation benefits,” commented the Countryside Alliance head of shooting, Liam Stokes. “Of course, well-managed shooting in the uplands and lowlands increases the amount of wildlife to be seen, so shooting is supporting the favourite activities of those who shoot and those who don’t.” he added. It is great to see such a tremendous response of support for the sport, particularly as partridge shooting season gets underway. Take a look at our men’s shooting jackets and woman’s shooting jackets to ensure that you are prepared for a successful season! Image: Peter O’Connor aka anemoneprojectors/Flickr under Creative Commons