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6 Ways to Attract Bees to Your Garden

A good garden is a delight to many, whether you enjoy colourful flowers, scrumptious home grown vegetables, organised chaos or a combination of the three. While there are many ways to maintain and manage your garden or allotment, some things will always remain a necessity. All plants require water, nutrients and light, but if you want your garden to produce plentiful crops and your plants to reproduce for the following year, you must also consider pollination an essential. Bees are one of our most important pollinators. We explain a little more about why they are so important, and ways in which you can look after and entice these furry little flyers.Bee on yellow and green flowers

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Make Your Garden More Wildlife Friendly this Year

Looking after our gardens really matter, and with an estimated 16 million gardens in the UK, together they form a refuge for species declining in the wild. Make this year the one to change your garden to be more wildlife friendly, and follow these tips to transform your garden space, whether it’s a small one or a couple of acres, into a haven for the best UK wildlife. 

transform your garden to be wildlife friendly this year

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How can the kids bring back British bees?

There has been a global decline in the bee world, alongside a decline in both butterflies and moths. Bees play a large part in the eco-system; with a third of our food production depending on pollination, their decline is having an increasingly noticeable effect on the environment. Just 10 years ago, there were around one million bee hives. Compare that to the 300,000 today and the difference is mind-blowing. However, there are a few things you can do to keep the butterflies and bees alive — and keep the children occupied during the long summer holidays. Below is a short guide on how kids can help to build better lives for the bees:

Create a flower show

Flowers are key to saving bees - and every flower counts. By taking inspiration from your local park or flower shows, you can create magnificent displays right in your own back garden. Particularly for those with lots of lovely garden space, try planting out your names in bulbs or flowers to create your own spectacular flower show. There is such a range of flowers available in all shapes and colours, you can really let loose your imagination!

Plant a miniature garden

Even if you don’t have a lot of outside space, every little helps. Why not try creating your own miniature garden in a plant pot or teacup? Purchase organic flowers from your local garden centre in a variety of colours and get the kids planting their own personal patch. Whether planting herbs or a little fairy garden, if it looks attractive to you, it will be beautiful to the bees, too. Teacup mini garden in aid of saving the bees — Fur Feather & Fin

Avoid Pesticides

The biggest factor in helping these tiny creatures thrive is avoiding pesticides and artificial fertilisers. The best plants for the bees are organic, leaving them to work in their natural environment. It is always worth checking with your garden centre if any chemicals have been used on plants to ensure the environment will be most effective.

Create bee nests

Create a little home for bees by bundling a selection of hollow canes together and placing them near your beautiful flowers to give the bees somewhere to shelter in bad weather and hide away from predators. They also like to nest away in upturned plant pots, nestling through the holes to catch some shade. Bee collecting pollen from a flower — Fur Feather and Fin

Spread the word

Get creative and spread the word about the Save the Bees initiative. The more people that know the better! You could create some colourful posters to show your friends, or invite them to your new bee-friendly garden to see all your wonderful hard work. You never know, one day today’s children will join the new young generation of beekeepers that is helping to save our food chain! Why not take a look at our summer sale, featuring reductions across a whole range of products, including kids clothing; perfect for creating miniature bee gardens!   Photos courtesy of Severnjc & Garry Knight under Creative Commons